Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! May you abound in the blessings of Christ's love this season as you celebrate His birth.

Glory to our King!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey

My oldest nephew kept politely requesting things at the dessert table, very politely, but imperiously nonetheless. Finally I asked him, "Where's your kingdom?" He told me very ingenuously, "I don't know." I love that boy!

Later he informed me, "I'm eating lots so I'll be big and strong like Daddy." Ah, sweet Hallmark moment, but I couldn't let it go at that, I asked him, "Are you going to be smart and brilliant like your Aunt T.W.?"

One of my nieces took a bite of the cheesecake bars I had brought to the feast, I took one look at her face expression and asked, "Should I try a different recipe next time?" It was just such look as I might have given in my youth. She has a great future before her!

We took family pictures and froze! But it was still fun.

I'm so thankful for such a wonderful family!

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

A friend took my mother and I with her to vote today, but my mother discovered she didn't have a pair of glasses with her so she didn't vote becuase she couldn't see well enough. We did some shopping and other errands, mostly so she could pick up a pair of glasses.

She returned later in the day and voted, and then as she dropped her ballot in the box she told the elderly lady taking ballots, "This is the second time I've been here today."


It was eventually clarified that no, she hadn't voted the first time. It was the first and only time she had voted that day.

I'm not going to give a civic duty speech and tell you to go vote no matter who you're voting for, because I don't want to encourage people to vote the wrong way.

I mean, do you think I should tell people, "Yes, go jump off a bridge. It's your civic duty." If you're not going to vote wisely, I'd rather you didn't.

I'm just being honest. Don't you think that's refreshing in a political light?



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaving Things Behind

I vividly remember a story about a good friend of my grandmothers on a shopping trip when she purchased a pair of shoes for an incredible bargain -  but they weren't her size! She bought them simply because the deal was "too good to pass up."

In direct contrast, I love this post by Janice from The Vivienne Files"It's Not In My Plan".

Is it greed to snatch something up that doesn't work and we'll never use simply because the deal is too good to leave behind? Maybe we need to stop and think, "I don't need this, so I'll leave it to be a blessing to someone else."

Do good buys catch you in their trap of being too good to pass up or do you find it easy to leave them behind if they won't work for you?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drama on a Quiet Tuesday Afternoon

My sister-in-law and I took the two little girls outside to enjoy some beautiful sunny fall weather. We got the mail, and then flitted around the yard between the interests of two wee girls when our travels took us to the front porch.

While I can’t recall the exact sequence of events, my oldest niece suddenly cried out in pain, and Mrs. S spotted a bee trying to sting her again. I grabbed my sunglasses since they were the only thing available to hand and was trying to get the bee off, but not having success. Then the Wee One cried out, and Mrs. S started screaming and ran off the porch. I was still trying to get the bee detached from Little Rose’s shirt, when her mother turned around and saw us still there and yelled at us to run! It was a good thing she did, because she knew there was a nest right by us, and they were starting to come out to attack!

We all reached the side of the house, thinking we might be out of danger, but quickly realized that we still had vicious bees on our trail. We ran inside as quickly as possible and Mrs. S started getting the clothes off the girls. Which was a very good idea, because those nasty things will crawl into your clothing and keeping stinging you. We were trying to comfort and check out the little ones when we realized that we were still under attack!

My sister-in-law grabbed the girls and ran into the other room, and then into the back bedroom while I attacked the bees. I don’t remember what I reached for as a weapon, but I assure you I stomped on those bees but good. There were only three, but there was something horrible about the fact that they had come into the house after us. Somewhere in there my sister-in-law had called her husband to ask about the stings, but by the time the call connected we were under attack again. I must confess to in all the madness feeling sorry for my brother who was miles away and couldn't do a thing to protect us from vicious bees.

Really, God was very merciful! We didn’t suffer too many stings and the girls don’t seem all that bothered by them. Emotionally we may not be quite back to ourselves since there is something exceptionally traumatizing about being chased and attacked by bees, especially with little ones.

It was fresh clothes for all of us, since bees invading your personal space is unnerving. I’m not sure when we’ll ever go outside again. I might have to make cookies tomorrow, since I feel that we are never going to be quite all right until we’ve had some chocolate chip cookies. It’s a thought at any rate.

I hope the only thing dramatic about your Tuesday was the Presidential Debate.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who's Your Momma?

It’s an epidemic. Or something. The young daughter of a friend of mine has several times recently called me Momma, but it is all in play. She also has called me “horsey,” so you can see why I don’t take these things personally. I have to say, it can be a tiny bit awkward, but I try to be a good sport and not interfere with her games since one of the times dolls were also involved. I have to say it is rather a shock to take on four “children” suddenly. I can only hope, that should they ever occur, it won’t take me that long to get my own children ready for school. How many times can you change an outfit?!!!

But it doesn’t end there: I’m currently staying with my brother and sister-in-law and my oldest niece frequently refers to me as “Momma.” She picked it up from a movie (Aristocats?) where all the little kittens say respectfully, “Yes, Momma.” And when I first got here, that is what she did, answering anything with a polite, “Yes, Momma.” Now she often just calls me “Momma.” Mrs. S. and I have both tried to correct her to no avail. I even went through a long explanation, coached her through “Aunt” and everything, and did I make any progress? She looked at me and said, “Yes, Momma.”

In humorous retaliation, I told her at one point that if she called me “Momma”, I was going to call her Tahitian, because right before I came I watched a movie that supposedly it is a Tahitian custom to share your children with those that don’t have any. In the movie it bugged me and I was thinking, “Raise your own kids!” I actually think it was Hollywood taking license with a custom that includes grandparents and other family members helping to raise the children – now that makes more sense. Handing your child off to a single young bachelor to rear just because he doesn’t have any seems like an imposition at best.

Back to my niece, she knows I’m not her mother. That is not even an issue. The trouble is how to communicate to a three and half year old that “Momma” really isn’t a title I should go by. The logic of youth is escaping me. Of course, youth is escaping me too, but that is a whole other problem. I think perhaps just leaving the child to her own devices might allow her to work it out in her own way. Maybe. She did call me something today that roughly resembled my real name, and as butchered as it was, I applaud her progress. But then as she was heading to bed she told me, "Goodnight, Momma."

Leading a curious life,


(Who attends widows luncheons and is “Momma,” but not mother, to dolls and assorted children. And is sometimes a horse. Neigh, it is too much to ask.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sporting Style

I'm dressed pretty casual here, but I added the hat to up the style quotient! I probably would have traded the flip flops out for black ballet flats if I had them.

Off to play volleyball after that. Well, actually, I was off to watch volleyball and hang out with three of my nephews and a niece on the sidelines!

I love the t-shirt I'm wearing here because it is roomy and modest, and yet if I style it right, the lines are flattering, not sloppy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Friday, September 14, 2012


But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord. Jeremiah 9:24 KJV

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rigor Mortis and......About Me

"Schedules aren't like rigor mortis, my dear, they're living, breathing things." -T.W.

Sometimes when I talk to myself I have the cleverest thoughts. This quote is rather descriptive, and true. Don't you think so? I have no idea where it came from, we were just talking along (Myself and I) and it popped out. I think I need to put it in a book someday.

On a more serious note, we shouldn't think of schedules as being unyielding. They are guidelines, fences, etc., but they should not constrain us. Sometimes the idea of a schedule overwhelms me because life is so unpredictable and how can I plan what is going to happen when, when nothing ever happens as I plan?

I think perhaps I should come up with a schedule for myself. I'll have to remember that line about rigor mortis of course and keep in mind that I can still be flexible. A change is not likely to break any bones. Schedule bones and all that you know.

I better change subjects because I'm becoming slightly ghastly. So, on another note, I'm working on an updated About Me for the blog and thought it would be fun if my readers wanted to ask questions that I could answer and maybe incorporate into my information somehow. Is there anything you're curious about? I don't mean to frighten you, but you do remember what curiosity did to the cat? Never mind. Ask away! How brave are you anyway? :)

Anyway, that's all for now.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Try These!

Uncooked tortillas - flour or corn (we found them next to the pre-shredded cheeses!)
1/2 pound of ground beef
1/2 packet taco seasoning
1 can of white beans
1 can of black beans
2 tomatoes, chopped (or use canned)
shredded cheese

Brown burger with taco seasoning mix. Add both cans of beans and tomatoes, cook until liquid slightly thickens (it will still be quite runny). Cook tortillas in butter according to package directions. Spread about 1/2 cup of bean mixture over tortilla and top with guacamole and salsa and shredded cheese if desired, fold in half and enjoy!

The lady I'm staying with enjoyed these at her sister-in-law's house and recreated them at home on her health food kick! I've never seen tortillas that you cook yourself, but they are really yummy.

This recipe is super simple, tasty, and good for you! I love that combination. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

House Cleaning

I'm house cleaning - on my blog. I didn't intend to, it just happened. I haven't been happy with the look ever since I changed it months ago. The graphics weren't as sharp as they looked before uploading, but I hadn't got around to fixing it. It's been bothering me. Really bothering me. I don't like things that aren't decoratively correct.

I kind of stumbled upon the current look, and at the moment I like the fact that it is more streamlined and utilitarian. Mostly though, it was simple and I didn't have to worry about trying to get a silly banner all lined up and centered.

What do you think? Is it okay for now but I should find a look that is a little more elegant? Or as long as I start putting in a little more content it doesn't matter what it looks like?

Happy Friday!


(Friday used to be our big cleaning day when I was growing up, so today was perfect for cleaing up the blog.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Life Real

The other morning I was up early brushing my teeth when I heard a weird noise that sounded ominous. I tensed and paused to listen, and then I realized............

It was my stomach growling. Growling is right, I honestly thought for a moment some animal was hiding in the bathroom about to attack.

That is the cold hard truth.


Monday, July 30, 2012

There Might be Something Wrong Here?

My sister and I joined a friend for dinner in a swank casual dining restaurant. The only seating was in the bar area. We ordered water to drink. And then we prayed over our food. Does anybody else see the humor in this?

Cheers and glasses of [root]beer!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farewell, Blue Castle

The ground below you slowly flowed,
Your foundation heaved, your wood buckled and bowed,

The property listed, we waited for lookers
But winter turned to spring without any tookers. (sorry, really sorry)

I'm going to stop right now. It's just better that way. I'm glad you agree.

Long poem short, we sold our mountain property! Actually, I'm not sure about that exclamation mark, even though it is a blessing, I have mixed emotions about it, but I am very grateful that God brough along a buyer. New beginnings my friends, new beginnings.

I don't know if I've mentioned that we had already bought another place in town that we are completely remodeling. I use "we" loosely. I'm afraid I've been pretty much gone since we bought it.

I'm back in my home state, but I'm house sitting so I'm still not home. Which is okay since they don't have plumbing or running water. Does anyone see a pattern here?

The Blue Castle had so many hopes and dreams, so much potential, and it was a good chapter in our lives - despite the harshness of the living conditions we faced within her four walls. I never expected to again, so many years later, become a "city girl". Would I have chosen to do so? Very unlikely, for I did so love being in the country.

There are many emotions surrounding the Blue Castle, and I have asked, "was it a mistake?" But I don't think so, I think it was part of a process. I should like to write more about this someday, but no promises.

For now, goodbye country living. Goodbye little Blue Castle, goodbye forever.

Am I making anybody cry? Just curious.

Do I need more sleep? I think it very likely.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's the Words You Use

My grandmother and I were watching one of the those mystery shows when a commercial started. My grandmother gets very annoyed with those things and used this descriptive phrase to order me to hit mute: “kill them!” (Just as there were two guys on the screen too, poor fellows.)

I pressed mute and then turned and looked at her, saying cooly “Are you ordering a hit?”

See, I know the lingo.

Ha, ha, she thought it was funny. But what put her into near hysterics is when I declared that I wanted some caramel at ten something at night. I’m glad it tickled her funny bone, but I have no idea why it was so hilarious. I really wasn’t suggesting that we get in the car and go get some. Shakes head.

My sweet tooth is not a laughing matter.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello my dear friends, this is your long lost author checking in from far, far away. Far, far away is relatively speaking. Speaking of relatives, sometimes they are far, far away, and we’re not talking land miles...

Changing subjects…

I hit a case of writers block while editing so I went to a nearby library and checked out some investigation books to give me some food for thought. One of them was No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson. I found it a most fascinating read and I’d love to find a couple copies; one for my personal library, and a copy to give to one of my brothers. Writers block solved!

To catch you up on my sudden and long silence, I’ve been essentially gone from home since the middle of March. I returned to my home area for three very busy weeks, and then flew back out to stay with my grandmother again. I returned a week earlier than expected because she fell and broke her arm. I tell you, I just can’t leave that girl alone. ;) It certainly changed the dynamic of my stay here, for better or worse, I’m not sure.

My family bought a house in town right after I left the first time, and they have been gutting it and fixing it up. I saw it before the deal closed, and it was horrible. Really horrible. They are having to take out floors, replace parts of walls, put in new windows, and even add more structural support underneath. If you’ve ever seen the T.V. show “Horders”, this house was in that category. It simply boggles my mind how anyone could live in such filth. The good news is that when the major job is done, I think it is going to be a perfect doll house. As crazy as it seems, I saw the potential even before the work started. Not that I didn’t have doubts – this was a major undertaking!

Interestingly enough, the new place is going to be a lot smaller than the house on the mountain was supposed to be, and yet still sufficient to our needs. I’m actually thinking the smaller size is better. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress when I return home in a couple weeks. Well, I should say to the home area, because again, I don’t think I’m actually going home, but house sitting for a friend.

You know, I suddenly thought about this, and I’m a little disturbed. You know the saying, “home is where the heart is? Well, with the way I’ve been living, it’s hard to classify that I have a home, and what does that say about my heart?

Well, seriously, my heart is where my family is, whether or not we have a home. Which we do, actually, it’s just everything is in such a kerfuffle lately and everyone is going different directions that things are so hard to put in boxes.

It’s a nice evening and my grandmother has requested a walk to the corner, and then I think I should finish weed eating. I even put long pants on in anticipation of this chore since that thing can be quite unkind to your legs.

Tootle Pip,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Think He Should Do What?

My grandmother likes to watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire and sometimes I end up watching it with her. A couple days ago, the question of the day was something along the lines of “what word for extra-large has been added to the dictionary after it was made famous by a circus elephant?” A. Enormous B. Mammoth C. Gigantic D. Jumbo (By the way, I just really butchered that, but you get the idea).

Of course, the answer was Jumbo. I knew that.

After they gave the answer my grandmother turned to me and said, “That’s something I’ve always thought your father should do.”

I tilted my head to the side and looked at her in astonishment, asking the first question my mind associated with the subject, ‘ride an elephant?’

No. Apparently she thinks he should be on the T.V. program Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

What a relief. Riding an elephant would have been coming from way out in left field. The whole T.V. thing I can wrap my mind around. I'm still really not sure why my mind jumped to the my first question. I'm still puzzling over it.

Riding an elephant does sound interesting. Maybe I should try it sometime. It's a thought.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Thursday


Tried on the bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding this summer. I didn’t fit into the smaller of the two sizes offered me, which has nothing to do with the fact that this morning when I took a bite of the English muffin my grandmother had prepared, melted butter squirted out and ran down my chin. But if I don’t watch it, the ease in the size I ordered is going to be eaten up. Literally.

We ate a sandwich in the car, then we went across the street for a powder room stop at Burger King. I ordered a water and two ice cream cones. Well, seeing as I only have two hands, I put the water in my purse and carried the cones in my hand. Genius? No. Bad, bad, bad idea. I’ve done it before with success, but not this time. By the time I was about to get into the car, most of the water was floating around in the bottom of my purse and soaking everything. A bit of a mess that.

Did I mention that only about two hours later my grandmother decided she wanted ice cream again? I hold the warm weather responsible. If she gains twenty pounds, my aunt is going to hold me responsible. And where is the justice in that? Am I the one that buttered the warm English muffin, or chose the second ice cream cone?

You are my witnesses. I mean, whose fault is it going to be if I gain twenty pounds?

Perspective my friends, perspective.



P.S. I came home and exercised. It seemed like a good idea. They were small ice cream cones, it is just the principle of the thing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Red Riding Hood Reporting

This is Red Riding Hood reporting in and so far no signs of Big Bad Wolf. Perhaps because I didn’t go through the woods? I got to my grandmother’s house on Friday, being welcomed by sunny warm weather.(and relatives)

On the first leg of my flight, I had a lovely empty seat next to me and it was as good as first class. I popped the tray down in front of the empty seat next to me and put my glass of icy orange juice down as I relaxed in comfort, flipping through a magazine. I want the alarm clock that wakes you up with a butlers voice.

Well, after being so spoiled, I was really hoping for another empty seat.
It didn’t happen.

I sat next to a young man on his way to a wrestling match.

I was fairly sure I wasn’t to get my empty seat wish when it seemed every other seat was filled behind me and making their way down the aisle were two men, one older, one younger.

As they paused a few aisle in front of me, the father said to his teenage son, “you want to sit here, or next to the girl?”

Ya, snicker, snicker.

Poor young man, I’m sure if he’d known I’d overheard he would have been mortified.

Guess what Papa, I think you’re son is nine or ten younger than me. At least.

Now who’s snickering? Me. Inside, as I keep a placid face and process what happens around me.

I didn’t sit next to everyone on the plane so I couldn’t say for sure, but it turns out, if I could have chosen who sat next to me, that young man might just have been the one. He was just a nice, normal, all American boy. Traveling to a wrestling match, he was excited, but nervous. We chatted about his world travels (his mom is a travel agent), his great-aunt, my grandmother, and that we both loved Delta’s crisp spice cookies. Yep.

And he may just have realized I wasn’t exactly a teenager.

On the shuttle from the airport, I chatted with the only other passenger, a young college girl. It was a very interesting conversation. Mostly men, marriage, and dating. I can only imagine what the driver thought. Anyway, something tells me it must have been on her mind for a reason.

To wrap things up, on St. Paddy’s day my grandmother took my aunt and me out for not corn beef and cabbage, but another good Irish meal, fish and chips. Remember this is on St. Patrick’s day. A young man came to our table and asked what we would like to drink. Being as this was one of those restaurants with a pub, the humor of my impending request tickled me, I looked up at him over my shoulder with a small smile, eyes twinkling, I said drily, “water.”

(Can you say “water” drily?)

“Boring,” he said.

“Yes,” I agreed cheerfully.

My grandmother ordered a Guinness - and didn’t she have the nightmares.

Top of the morning to you,


Monday, March 12, 2012

Tick Tock

I woke up sometime in the night with a brain overload and probably because I got too hot. I ditched the extra covers and tried to reprogram my brain to not stress and just sleep. It was a good start, but booming out into the darkness was the incessant tock, tock, tock, tock of not one, but two clocks. I tried to ignore the little tick tockers, after all, I had gone to sleep with the same exact sound. But in the middle of the night, suddenly they were annoying, incessant and very loud.

Forget it. I got up, took the clocks off the wall, wrapped them in a blanket, then another blanket and stuffed them in a box. I went back to sleep. Blissful sleep.

Come morning, the family was not amused with the sudden disappearance of the clocks, even when I explained what had happened to them. They didn’t understand at all. Except for my father, who thought it was funny, “not only did we lose an hour, but the clocks disappeared.”

He chuckled and then unearthed the clocks from their blanket hush box and put them back into place. What a very nice guy.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grin and Bear It

I made it home safely Friday evening despite being rather exhausted, and driving several hours through the dark. It was a nice trip though because I got to spend some time chatting with a sibling. My sister-in-law lent me her car earlier in the day to drive into town to meet up with my brother so we could drive a couple hours away and he could purchase the truck he hoped to buy. Mother had to confuse me by throwing the additional option of using my sister’s car instead. Two options, I was so confused. You can’t do things like this to me. If I’ve got a plan and you suddenly throw me another option, it is completely de-railing. Trains off the track have my sympathy. I showed great, and exceptional (for me) decisiveness by choosing my SIL car. I reached the conclusion thus: She had offered her car. It went better with my outfit than my sisters car did. You must take such important things into consideration.

On another note, after I had safely returned home, one of my sisters was very annoyed when she opened the refrigerator and off fell an empty glass jar. At one time there had been milk in it. Please don’t ask why someone didn’t put it to be washed and instead put it on top of the refrigerator. Well, it fell off and broke. Bad thing. I cleaned up the broken glass, seeing as best I could in the light from the open refrigerator door, since that corner of the room is very dark at night. It is also right next to my bed. I vacuumed up what I could see, hoping there weren’t nasty pieces of glass hiding in the dark waiting to attack bare feet. Come morning, trying to wake up, or maybe I was trying to sleep longer? One of those. I suddenly felt something fall down my back. Something big. I sat up quickly, trying to be calm and think through my options of horrible bugs. Sitting on the sheet was a 1” by 1/4” (aprox.) piece of glass. Hmmm. On further inspection, there were lots of tiny, tiny shards of glass in my bed. I say again, hmmm. On the plus side, I received no cuts.

Glass has a funny way of bouncing in this cabin. I expect the jar broke when it impacted with the floor, so that glass had to have jumped two, three feet? Really, that is very interesting if you think about it.

Yesterday I went down to help my sister-in-law with some housework (after abandoning her after only a short while Friday). Before I got started, we had this conversation: Me, “I need coffee.” SIL: That would be lovely, I suspect The Dearliest would like some too.” Me: making coffee, “oh, what did you need me to help with? I didn’t just come for the coffee.” So we chatted, cleaned and I drank coffee. She was good and had a cup of tea instead. I drank a cup of coffee - and had several cups of tea when I got home. I don’t think that qualifies as being good.

I have an excuse, wait, it’s in my back pocket somewhere, yes, right here; I chose the coffee brand Grin and Bear It for a reason. Things, outside of things, have been a little stressful the last couple days. On general principle I try not to imbibe so much tea and coffee. Most of the time.

What I really need is a big bowl of ice cream. Good ice cream is soul food. Bad ice cream is like a kick in the gut when you’re already down. There is unfortunately a lot of bad ice cream out there, please do not become a victim.

One time three (four?) of us had ice cream out of a half-gallon container. There wasn’t a freezer. I didn’t want the ice cream to go bad. It was a good brand. I tried to finish the container. It didn’t make my stomach feel very good in case you were wondering. Apparently, you can eat too much ice cream. I did the same thing with carrots once too. Or maybe that was tension, not the carrots? I don’t know, but I recommend judicious carrot consumption anyway.

All things in moderation,


Saturday, March 3, 2012

That Is How Life Rolls.......


The idea was that I would be working starting sometime in January helping with Bessie again. By the time her family had got everything set up, I had gotten sick and stayed that way forever (that's what it seemed like). They held the job for me though and we kept trying. Finally I got well enough to work and did once before I caught another cold. Yes, it has been a rough winter. Apparently our family isn’t the only ones that have been hit really hard.

Anyway, I may not be as physically fit as I'd like to be, but I’m pretty slender. Keep that in mind. I felt like I’d lost weight through this whole ordeal, but it didn’t bother me too much. Losing a couple pounds was fine with me. I think I even considered it a good thing. Then I showed up to work at Bessie’s and the sister we’ll call Trina showed me around, giving me updates on Bessie’s care. At one point she suddenly stopped and said something to the effect of, “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

I was wearing a puffy down vest.

I suddenly felt like a walking skeleton or an emaciated model. It’s a rather shocking thought.

I think my face must have betrayed my thoughts, because she suddenly said, “oh, you look great!”

I don’t believe she was really thinking that. :)

(By the way, I really like this lady and absolutely no offense was taken. She was saying what she thought – and trying to be nice. )

Okay, fast forward to Thursday/Friday when I managed to work again. Friday evening Trina’s older sister Candice took over when she got off work. I waited till she got there so we could go over details and to essentially give my notice. That’s another story, and nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I’m leaving town for an extended period of time.

Candice and I got everything taken care of and then before I left she told me I looked really good, and said something to the effect of, “you look so much better. You didn’t look very good.” That was the gist at any rate.

Hmmm, my mind connected the dots and guess what? Unless my memory is playing me false, I’ve talked on the phone to Candice, but I haven’t seen her in over two months. Yes, and I’m pretty sure I was completely healthy at the time. So my intuition tells me that some sisters were talking and the verdict was I didn’t look very good. :)

The reality is Trina was probably right. I didn’t feel like I looked healthy at any rate.

Yesterday though, my reflection in the mirror looked pretty. Sometimes that actually happens. Generally I feel so so, it’s just me looking back, but occasionally I like what I see. Does that ever happen to anyone else? You just feel like you’re having a good day? Is it what I’m wearing, how I’m feeling? I don’t know. It’s nice though. :) I wish it happened more often. It’s probably good it doesn’t, much to much time would be wasted in front of the mirror, “absorbing.” ;) ha,ha.

In other news, Bessie told me her family used the wild plums that grow in our area to make jams, jellies, juice, and one time she and her siblings made wine. It was very good and they got silly. They also got in trouble with their mother.

I read in the newspaper an article about a police raid on an illegal gambling party. One of the people there had received a court summons two years later. She was ninety-eight and her daughter was concerned she wouldn’t be able to appear. Two of the old ladies had died since the raid and the rest were in their seventies. One of the ladies had told the police officer to wait until she finished playing her hand. What naughty old ladies. Bessie said she wishes she could have been there.

I think she was just feeling feisty, because last summer she didn’t really like that one of her daughters played darts.



Monday, February 27, 2012

False Expectations

My sister and I took a road trip to visit our brother and his family and then spend the weekend with a friend at her family’s beach cabin.

The bad thing about this is RetroGirls phone was acting up and people on the other end couldn’t hear unless you shouted. I was doing the shouting since she was driving. Fortunately, we didn’t use the phone all weekend, but then I needed to call my brother and touch bases before we headed out of state again. Even shouting, he could barely hear me. It was pretty ridiculous and I told my sister that there are few people I’d feel comfortable with in a car shouting at the top of my lungs (well, maybe not quite the top). Several hours down the road another brother called and I said, “Oh, great.” I wasn’t looking forward to another yelled conversation. I answered the phone: “HELLO!!!!”

My brother asked if it was RetroGirl. I YELLED THAT IT WASN’T. He asked who is this? I YELLED WHO IT WAS. We went back and forth for a while and it seemed he thought something was very fishy. My mind kicked in with a thought, I said in a normal voice, “Can you hear me?”

He said, “Yes.”

I laughed so hard at that point that he still couldn’t understand a word I was saying.

I think he was annoyed.

I'm glad it was my little brother and not someone else.

The End

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Mind of Man Plans His Way...

I don’t think God wanted me doing dishes today.

Planning to take yet another day easy, I kept snuggled in my bed and immersed myself in a book after everyone had taken off for the day. While I’ve been sick I pass the day playing/working on the computer, but I needed a break. When I finished about noon, I decided to get myself something to eat. I then realized that the huge pile of dishes in the sink was not going to do itself. It didn’t look like anybody else was going to do them either. And I thought maybe I’d like to try to fix dinner later as well.

Before taking on the dishes, I reheated a small bit of leftover pizza from the dinner my very dear sister-in-law had sent up last night. When I thought it might be done, I pulled it out of the oven with my bare hands. The pizza was very hot and I deposited it as quickly as possible onto a plate that I at least hoped was sanitary, if not clean. I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense. Realistically, I was probably kidding myself.

I ate the pizza. I ran hot soapy water into a vintage pan with a red rim. I started washing dishes and the hot water gave me a realization: I had burnt my middle finger. Oh, ow. I’ll live. I looked at it a few times - as if that was going to change anything - and kept washing dishes. I did debate asking the only person home, my little brother, if he could wash the dishes for me, but hey, I’m tough. No really, I am. I think.

Merrily (or not) I continued on with my task when my clumsiness decided to kick in and I dropped a plate into the sink, breaking it into multiple pieces. Oops you say? Well, yes, and looking at my hand, on the same middle finger I had burnt, next to a scar where years ago I nicely sliced off a bit of skin also doing dishes, was a rather deep cut that was starting to bleed. How exactly this happened, I can't say, I just know that before the plate fell into the sink; no cut. After the plate broke in the sink; cut.

Well, I don’t think I’ll be finishing the dishes.

I grabbed tissue to stop the bleeding. I realized that I was going to have to doctor it myself - probably. Have I mentioned I don’t have a strong stomach? I did ask my little brother to run down to my sister-in-law and ask if she had any experience super gluing cuts. I found a cup and made myself a cup of tea. The message from Little Brother translated into, “did they have any super glue?” Which they did not, but she sent up some bandaging they did have.

I already have a noticeable scar on that knuckle, and beauty was of utmost importance and I had set my heart on super gluing the wound shut. Minimal scarying? It seemed like a good idea. We have the glue, so I decided to use the computer to see how to do this myself. I think I made it about half way through the YouTube video I found when I was to queasy to ignore it anymore and had to open the door and take deep breaths of the cold, snowy outside.

The cold air righted my insides and I set myself to the next task of cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt. I didn’t even investigate the idea of using pepper as an anti-coagulant, I’m not that tough. Besides, surprising as it may be, we don’t have any pepper in the house. Needing something other than tissue to cleanse the wound, I had to get creative. Remember our living situation? Well, some supplies are scant. I finally settled on a burgundy pillowcase (hides any blood stains) and wet one corner with warm water. I gently cleaned up the wound. I think I then got some more fresh air. It would turn out that the best way to achieve this operation was to pause and inhale cold air until my insides felt right again. I had to do it every few minutes. Did I mention I don’t have a very strong stomach? I thought this was all ridiculously weak of me, but it was a way to get the job done. Once the wound was prepared, I enlisted the services of my little brother to put the glue on while I held the wound shut. He graciously assisted. I’ve heard of doing this, but neither of us knew what we were doing.

I doubted my sanity, the wound looked ghastly with the dried glue. Not too long ago, I actually took it all off (no worries, it just came right off) and dabbed it on less generously. It does look better, but boy is my hand sore. Which I think is the fact that I’ve been holding my hand funny for hours, but it could be the wound. Remember, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Oh, well, a little pain… I’m tough. I’m tough, I’m tough, I’m tough…….

I can also do poetry:

Thank God for dirty dishes,
For they have a tale tell,
If I didn’t cut my hand,
I’d be doing swell.

It turns out that a little pain in my hand is tolerable, but not having anything to eat but the 2”x3” piece of pizza (that I decided to save?) and tea isn’t enough for a grown girl. It's killing me! Okay, I aggagerate. A little. Starvation can kill a person. It’s tea time anyway, and I’m sure I can find a little smackarel of something. The whole problem is I got sucked into the computer. Now there is a scary reality for you.

First though, doing dishes was a good thing, a noble thing, but apparently it wasn’t what God wanted me doing today. I think for me it was a lesson that I need to apply and search the application to in the bigger picture of my life. Are there things that are good, but God doesn’t want me doing them? It’s something to think about.

Well, I’m sorry that there will still be dirty dishes when everyone gets home this evening. (Unless I can talk little brother into doing them?)

I don’t like wounds and I apologize for boring you with this, but I needed to share. It will make the whole experience seem worthwhile by blogging about it.

Thank you.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Train Station

Just a little something pretty.....

I love old train stations!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Thoughts


Behind someone's back
Say something nice

Some of the words that I remember the most are the nice things someone said about me, not to me. If you have something nice to say about someone, why not share it? You never know when a good word will touch their life at just the right time.

Good weekend to you all!


Friday, February 17, 2012

"A Grain of Truth"

Have you ever looked at a piece of toast and suddenly thought to yourself, “how many people were involved with this one piece of bread?”

Let me tell you something, you can get decent whole wheat bread from the store, but oh is it not the same as homemade. Unfortunately, with our living situation is such as it is, store bought bread has been a staple in our diet; toasted to be exact.

The toast

The farmer who grew and harvested the grain… (this probably included more than one person)

The driver who took it to the mill….

The flour mill workers….. (lots and lots of workers)

The factory with all the workers who made it into bread….(lots and lots of workers) I wonder what their day was like? Let’s just pull one out of the line and imagine that he woke up with a toothache but he took medicine and went to work anyway. Maybe because his two year old has an upcoming surgery and he needs to make sure they can pay for it. It’s just a thought.

Grain isn’t the only ingredient in bread, so think of all the other factories and workers who made the other ingredients. We’re talking about a lot of people.

Another truck driver takes the bread to a big distribution warehouse….

Yet another driver picks it up from the distribution warehouse and delivers it to the local grocery store…

Stock boys (it might have been a girl, a man, or a women, but a boy sounds so much more old-fashioned and cute)

One time I knew a cute lobbyist, and for some reason I always thought of him as someone who would have been a “bag boy” at the grocery store. It makes me laugh because he was a lobbyist for a grocery organization. I don’t think he would have thought it was funny. He would have been a cute bag boy. If I had owned a grocery store, I would have hired him. It would have given a good old-fashioned, all American feel to the store. I think about these things.

Back to the toast.

I wonder how many people work at an average grocery store in order for it to open and serve us every day?

One of us had to select the bread, and then there was the cashier that checked them out, and probably, well, for diversity sakes, we’ll say a bag girl put it in bags.

But backing up a little bit, somebody had to be the breadwinner (ha,ha!) in order to pay for that – bread!

So it comes home, in car that was manufactured by how many hands? It waits in a house with doors and windows, and a woodstove, and just think how many people had something to do with that house? It is then toasted in an oven (imagine that whole process) and then handed to me, all crisp and buttery. Should we go through the butter? Rubber boots, dairy barns, cows, all sorts of things come to mind.

I take a bite and stare at the bread, suddenly thinking how much was started with just a single grain.

Never think you’re insignificant.


(Putting a damper on my imagination, I think that actual piece of bread came from a warehouse store, so adieu to the bag boys and hello to the “box people.” Oh, well. )

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Personal Topic

Today, I’m going to talk about a very personal topic.

The weather.

Bats her eyes at the prince, “Very fine weather we’re having for this time of year.” -Esmeralda

“You really shouldn’t make such very personal remarks.” -Prince Charming

(By the way, I’m not so good at exact quotes, so those are rough estimates of what they said.)

No, I’m not really going to talk about the weather unless you factor in the analogy that my life is not always sunny days. It’s sunny, cloudy, mostly cloudy, stormy, icy (he!), light showers, snowstorms – well, you get the point. It’s like everybody else’s life!

Right now there is a part of me that is very frustrated because I don’t know what God is doing in my life. At least, I don’t have the full picture. Some inklings, yes, but then I think, what if I’m wrong?

Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1 KJV


I keep planning things, and God keeps redirecting. I’m supposed to be working today and instead I’m sitting in bed with a cold. What is so frustrating about that is the fact that I’ve been sick with different colds for over a month and I’ve had to cancel and reschedule my job as a live-in caregiver many multiples of times. I’m really surprised they haven’t just found somebody else, but they’ve been very gracious and just keep telling me to just get well and then rescheduling. They are so very kind, but I feel very awkward about it. It feels like somehow I’m being irresponsible, but there isn’t much I can to about it.

While it might seem I just have a case of bad luck or a weak immune system, I feel it is bigger than that. I’m at a point in life where I feel it is prudent to focus a little more on earning money so I’ve been switching away from “stay-at-home” mode to seeking monetary gain. :) Some might judge that harshly, but I’m aware of a greater picture and it is the prudent, responsible thing to do. At least, so it seems. ;) My life has changed a great deal over the last few years and I don’t feel that I’m being as valuable in the home anymore. (Partly aided and abetted by the fact that we, um, don’t have a typical home to speak of. :)) Personally, I enjoy home duties and would be content fulfilling them, but that isn’t practical at the moment. Unless, does anybody know of a housekeeping job? (Warning: I don’t come cheap.:))

Last year I left home (and the chaos that was unfolding – sorry folks!) to stay with my grandmother for what turned out to be something in the vicinity of a four month duration. When I returned, life was really up-at-ends and I decided to get a job as quickly as possible. Which I did. But, an issue came up that I felt strongly about and decided I needed to decline the position. God, what where you doing? I felt God’s leading, and things seemed perfect, but I didn’t have a complete peace about it. I still feel that I was supposed to pursue that job, and that I also did the right thing in turning it down. (Most of the time, but sometimes I wonder) It doesn’t make any sense, I know. I’m not some great spiritual guru, so please don’t ask me to come up with a very deep answer.

So while that was not coming together, the job as a live-in caregiver did. I enjoyed doing the job with Bessie, but getting up four times a night takes its toll. At least it did for me. So while I was sad that it ended not too much later, it was probably a good thing. From Bessie’s I went almost directly to my brother and sister-in-laws for around a month to stay with them and help in any way I could. I loved getting to spend time visiting with my sister-in-law and hanging out with my nephew! Oh, and of course seeing my brother too, but he wasn't around as much. When it was safe for my SIL to leave bed rest, I went to join my sister’s in house sitting for a couple weeks. That brought me to about the end of November.

After returning to my grandmothers for ten days in December, I finally returned “home” (the cabin) and settled in for Christmas and the holidays. By the first part of January I was feeling like, ‘okay, take a breath, I don’t have any impending travel engagements, it’s time to work on cash flow. (a.k.a. - a job!)

If memory serves me correctly, it was the next day that I was asked if I would do the job with Bessie again. I thought about it, talked to my counselors (:)) and said yes. I hadn’t even had time to look for a job and God gave me one! The first part of January, they kept changing when I would start working as they had to bring her home from the hospital/nursing home and get her settled. I realized the delay could be a problem because with a cold going round the family, I was bound to get it. And I did. So fast forward to now and I’ve managed to work once during the entire month and a half this has been in the works. Do I think I blew it accepting this job? No. I keep feeling like God brought it along to keep me from pursing anything else. But he probably has more reasons than that, God isn’t limited you know.

Am I frustrated? Yes. Well, a little bit. More with the practical aspect of this journey, such as calling and saying, “I’m really sorry, but I have another cold and I don’t want to expose Bessie to it.” As far as focusing on the big picture and trusting that God is working? Yes, sometimes my own lack of faith leaves me frustrated. I want to know what he wants me doing, and what the next step is so I can get cracking. Instead, I feel like God has me in a holding pattern. Not “doing” is really hard for me. Not feeling top notch and being overwhelmed with everything I should be doing, is really hard.

The good thing is this has made me pull out my Bible and seek God. Ask him, “what?” Saying, “this is a hard journey, I don’t understand it, but give me faith and let me trust you.” That is good. God is always there, but I come and go. When I don’t feel him by my side, it means not that he has left me, but that I have wandered from him.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. I Corinthians 13:12KJV

I don’t know or understand what God is doing at the moment, but I need to trust him. I also feel that I need to go forth and strive, to try, and trust that he will lead and direct. I want to have faith, but I don’t want it to be without works. Works is a little hard while you’re sick, but there are things I can do. Sometimes it is hard to do them though, it shouldn’t be an excuse, but when you’re sick, it easy to not want to be bothered.

Okay, that’s some of the real me. :) It isn’t exactly a stellar ending, but that is because I’m sharing part of a journey and it still stretches before me.

I’m excited because I see God working. I’m frustrated because I don’t always understand. That is where faith comes in thought, right?

Next, I think maybe I should try to take a nap. :) That is one work that might help me get well! After a rest, then maybe some MotherAde.

It seems cloudy at the moment, but rain and snow are part of the growing cycle!



Update on Life

I suppose, after all the hullaballoo that surrounded the Blue Castle, I should give an update on what we are doing. Life is still an adventure! Behind us is the undertaking of living in the middle of a remodel project with only cold running water, no showers, and little insulation on the walls during a cold winter, but life is still, shall I say rustic?

We have sort of moved back to the property we left about two years ago, and are now “camping” in the if-I-really-stretch-it-I-can-call-it-a-three-room-cabin. A few of the kids continue to “bunk” down on the property, but showers, cooking, etcetera is done in the cabin. It’s interesting. We expect the “redneck” plumbing job to go out at any time, but I am so grateful that it has lasted thus far. In that light, I am even more grateful for a mild winter.

Except for a few possessions, beds, a few cooking things, some clothes and such, everything is in storage until a more permanent solution can be found to our housing situation. I’m not sure I remember what it is like to have drawers, and a closet, or even a bedroom, and a real kitchen seems like bliss! I’ve learned some really great things through this experience (really, I have!), I appreciate living with a lot less “stuff,” and I realize how much more freedom is possible when things aren’t cluttering your life. That being said, it would be so nice to have an actual place to organize “few possessions.” I’m just saying. There’s no place like home. You ain’t a’kidding me.

Okay, so the goal is to sell our country property and buy a place in town, but these things can be complicated. I have to say, though I don’t deny the situation is difficult and I would love to be settled in a home so every day living isn’t as difficult, I’m very grateful that we have a warm place this winter. It is especially nice since we seem to have had one cold after another for over two months. I don’t deny that it is a distinct possibility that the stress of everything going on has been hard on our immune system. I’m just trying to have a good attitude through it all and take one day at a time!

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

(That is a sound, not a word. I’m hoping I didn’t just swear in Arabic or something.)

I am content.

Perhaps that isn’t exactly the right word, but I think it expresses the correct feeling. While I truly desire a more stable living situation, I feel content with where we are. What I cannot change, I must accept.

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

It isn’t always easy. While some might think I sashay through life blissfully ignorant of the problems around me and doing little to correct it, I’m not. I’m very aware of the problems, the stresses, the pressures that are simmering in my vicinity. I don’t always have a good attitude and sometimes I get very frustrated. You might not see it though, because I try to keep it inside. That doesn’t mean I’m always grumpy and just hiding it, usually I’m pretty at peace with things, but sometimes they really get to me. It is hard watching my family struggle because of a lot of factors (beyond our living situation as well), that make this a difficult journey. As a sister and daughter, I wish there was some way I could make things easier, but I can’t. But I think it’s better this way, and here’s why:

We called our school, Cocoon École (English translation of École: school) and perhaps this is a time of struggling, just as the butterfly in order to show its splendor and beauty after growing in secret must work to come forth in order to build its strength for flight, so this is a time to build our character and strength for life. If I could wave a wand (or somebody would!), it would also be robbing us of the ability to fly; to fly high and far!

Now, I’d like to think that because I’ve tried to be positive, and “change the things I can,” I’ve at times been an influence for good things happening. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

The family has stood together through some pretty tough times. For some it has been harder than others, but I really appreciate that everyone tries. No, we don’t always get it right, but when difficult times come calling, we draw together. That is a blessing from God in the midst of difficulties.

God never promised life would be an easy journey, he did say, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5.

Well, I guess that's an update! :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Random....

Well, maybe a lot random.

All the pink around Valentine’s must have done something to my brain cells. I dreamt last night that someone our family has known for a while got married. None of us had been invited to the wedding or even knew it was going to happen. Just one day my brother received a letter in the post (A.K.A. the mail) with an elaborate announcement that the wedding had taken place and lots of pictures were included. One fat letter became a Mary Poppins bag with huge pictures and wedding memorabilia. That is one way of announcing things.

All the men in the wedding party we’re wearing pink tuxedos.

I think I was surprised by the color choice, but it surprisingly didn’t look as awful as it should have looked. Besides, I was too busy being offended on behalf of my brother, who hadn’t even invited to the wedding, let alone known it was happening. The nerve of some people!

The bride was pretty, and her beauty was very unique. She had very white skin and very dark curly hair. And she also might have been wearing a tiara, which is probably because I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of foreign royalty lately. I’m wondering if I’ve seen her somewhere before or my mind just very creatively combined a lot of influences into a clear picture. Our brains can do very mysterious things.

But, pink tuxedos? Wow.

Off to make myself a cup of MotherAde and try to fight off ANOTHER cold! Grrrr & grrrrr. Do I make myself clear?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Honor of St. Valentine's Day....

I'm sharing some love - and I love to laugh.

Yes, it is worth the 8+ minutes!

The Three Little Pigs by John Branyan

Did you get some good laughs from this?

This was shared by Rachell Gardner and my writer friends might like to hop over and take a look. Rachell shares some great information on this site and I'm sure I'll be gleaning lots of good tips!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Thought Provoking

I also have such a perfect picture of what I want my “Prince Charming” to be, that I’m dreadfully afraid to face his reality. -KM

I think that is a moment of pessimism talking.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Does Anybody Have Super Bowl Sunday Plans?

If you do, I envy you.

I care little enough for football - no offense, I just wasn't raised with it and I'm not usually into sports unless there is someone I'm rooting for or I'm playing it.

So why do I envy those of you celebrating this great American sport? The food. Yes, quite simply, I wish I was joining a Super Bowl party because of all those delicious looking foods that are purportedly served.

I'm jealous, that's all.

Over and out.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Natural Cold Medicine

Or the Healthy Alternative to Energy Drinks.

I heard somewhere that a very long time ago they would make this mixture (well, a version of it at least) and take it out to the harvest crews. Mother drank it with chlorophyll and we called it “Power Water”. We drank it growing up whenever we had the cold or flu. You know when you have a sore throat, and you should be drinking water, but it is uncomfortable to swallow? Well, this goes down easier but keeps you hydrated. That being said, nothing replaces pure water and you of course should make sure you drink plenty once your throat is feeling better. If you’re allergic to honey, see one of the variations.

Going into what is I think I the third week of a wretched cold, I’m going to get with the program and start drinking this! Especially since at the moment I have one of those difficult dry coughs and this seems to help.

¼ cup natural honey
¼ cup Apple Cider vinegar
1/8 teaspoon salt (I would recommend a good quality natural salt)
Enough warm water to make one quart
Mix all ingredients together. Drink. This amount should probably last about half a day.

You can make this hot or cold depending on your preference, but usually somewhere in the middle seems best when you’re not feeling well. If you do want it cold, dissolve the honey in a little bit of warm water first. You can vary the proportions to suite you taste!

I know that the honey and vinegar have specific health properties, but I don’t know that the technical information is for what they do when you have a cold.

These probably don’t have the same health properties, but for variation you can:

Replace honey with maple syrup
Replace vinegar with lemon juice
Replace honey and vinegar with lemon juice and maple syrup
You can also skip the honey altogether, but goodness it’s not the same!
I wonder how adding some ginger would taste? Would it be good for you?

Have any of you ever heard about this before? Have you tried it? What did you think? Any variations you would recommend or other natural remedies?

To good health!


(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I have no medical credentials. I do not like the sight of blood and I don’t have a strong stomach. I am in no way giving this recipe in any official capacity. You should seek the opinion of your doctor for official medical advice. This is simply one friend to another. Over and out.)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thrifty Gift Idea

I love kids. Such simple things make them happy. I remember as a child one time getting a small box of raisins, just as a snack probably, but I pulled the idea out of the deep recesses of my memory and being stumped on Christmas ideas (and on a budget) I bought all my nieces and nephews (that are eating solids) individual boxes of raisins. The feedback? They were a hit! You don’t have to store it, it’s healthy, and if their little minds can process the idea, they know their aunt was thinking of them.

My nieces that is an absolute chocolate diva? She liked the raisins, but she wasn’t as ecstatic. Chocolate covered raisins for her?

For birthday’s I often give them money – not a lot, just as many dollars as they are old. But if they save the money (and I continue it ;)), that will add up over the years. For the latest birthday, I also included a box of raisins for something that would appeal more to a child. Wee K’t seemed thrilled, and loved eating them out of the teacup from the darling play set another one of her aunts gave her - she got a plethora of fun, and practical gifts! Not everyone is as boring as me. :)

With a little deviation here and there, I might stick to a similar formula at least while they are in their wee years. It works, and I like things that work. I don’t think gift giving comes naturally to me. If I have a love language (why do I say “if”?), I would say that isn’t it.

I guess the biggest problem for me is I want the gift to be perfect. I want the recipient to feel loved and special. I want them to like it. I’m a practical person, so I want it to be useful and not something they are simply going to have to dust the rest of their life! Spare me from trinkets and bobbles - especially since I’m in a de-cluttering phase in my life right now. Not that I don’t occasionally give gifts that fit into that realm, but I try to steer clear.

The second problem is money. Isn’t it always? I have a very small amount that I allot for each birthday, but I still want to do something special. Sometimes I’m simply too disorganized and end up in a panic because I didn’t take care of things in advance. Be better than me.

Do you have any great gift ideas? I'd love to hear!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Worlds Tallest Hill

A few years ago my family watched the movie,
The Englishman That Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. I recollect it being cute, but because I don't remember it super well, I'm not going to give an official recommendation. :)

Why in the world did I bring that up out of the blue? I discovered an interesting fact today: Cavanal Hill located near Poteau, Oklahoma is officially the world’s tallest hill at 1,999 feet. I think facts (or perhaps opinions) like that are kind of fun.

I ran across this tidbit of information in a post that Rindercella did at NeatheringOurFest about her airplane ride in a twin prop plane. Lots of fun, no?

I like flying. I think airport security* is tedious at best. Over and out.


*There are some terrific people that work airport security and I'm happy I've crossed paths with some of them. Now there have been others.... The team at my local airport, kindly and graciously, went out of their way to help me find my watch one time when I had lost it in the labyrinths of my suitcase. I appreciate that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Idea....

This is too funny. Love this look on a ring bearer.



National Hot Tea Month

Ya'll, did you hear the news? It's National Hot Tea Month - the whole month of January (imagine that).

I drink tea everyday. It's close to national disaster status if I don't get my tea - horror of horrors, if I have to go for more than one day! I've been known to stuff tea bags in my pockets in case of emergency. It's a hundred and how many ever degrees? "Oh, I'd love a nice hot cup of tea."

I'm not an emotional person - unless "tea is the tears I never shed". Hmmm, I kind of like that quote. I just made it up and I must remember it. I'm so brilliant sometimes! Perhaps that is why the British are known for their stiff upper lip? It could be the tea.

I love it when people direct me to "goodies" on the internet, so....

The only thing better than a nice hot cup of tea, is a nice hot cup of tea with some delicous morsel of goodness to go with it! Have you ever heard of Tea Time Magazine? Miss Janice reminded me of them in this post. I confess I don't have a subscription (something to think about though when I live in a "house" again!), but I have had the pleasure of looking through some of their past issues. Beautiful, lovely, mouthwatering pictures, and recipes for the little delicousnesses!(Okay, I know that is not a word, but I wanted to use it SOOOO much. So I did.)

Pause for station identification....

Emergency supplies of tea come in handy - we're out of tea (gasp!) and my sister was just looking for some so I pulled my purse over, found the little zippered pouch and unzipped it. Inside was a tea bag and I gave it to her. I'm such a good big sister. I have one tea bag of good black tea still in there. Unfortunately, that is not going to last me through the day. Uh, what in the world was I thinking?

Back to Tea Time, their website is a sampling of their magazine. If you hop over using one of the links, under the Indulgences section, they have beautiful photos and delicious looking recipes. I think these look especially tasty; Basil-Lemon Scones and Blackberry Bavarian Cream Note: Only four recipes come up under each section, but click on the "More" down below and you get a whole list!

By the way, I think a subscription to Tea Time magazine would make a terrific gift. Birthday, Bridal Shower?

Just some inspiration in the spirit of National Hot Tea Month!

Hugs to the girls, scowls to boys,*smile* Just kidding. Well, maybe.

This is T.W.

In the interests of full disclosure, well full disclosure as far as this goes: This is my own personal, un-bribed thoughts and opinions regarding Tea Time Magazine. They don't know I exist - the nerve of some people! However, since they seem to have a picture of MY spoon, I'm getting suspicious.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the Movie

Fireproof and Courageous are both close to my heart because…

I have a brother that is a volunteer Firefighter . I was his “date” one year at their annual awards banquet where he practically walked away with everything. Volunteer Firefighter of the Year? Check. First Responder? Check. The award for stations? Check, his team got it. Go Volunteers!!!!


I have a brother that was in law enforcement. Being an officer is often a thankless job, and a dangerous one. Tough? He gave the word its Teflon coating. ;) Need I say more?

Brothers. Men of courage. Real live heroes. Ooh, yah! Am I bragging? Yes, thank you. Over and out.

Soo…..Here are some thoughts. I’m looking forward to your comments! What do you think?

A round of applause to Sherwood Pictures for working to raise a standard for, clean, inspiring “entertainment!” I hope they keep up the good work, stick to the straight and narrow and press on higher. Fathers need to stand up and take the responsibility for their families! What a terrific message! I especially appreciate that they did it specifically in relation to law enforcement. It is so important that Christian officers stand strong in the Lord and set a standard with their own families. The importance of fathers being a part of their children’s lives is invaluable!

That being said, I'm not sure that a vow was the best course of action, though maybe it would be for some. If that is the biblical standard, just do it. Christ died to give us freedom, let’s not take on the bondage of lists, and lists of “to do.” We don’t want to end up like the Pharisees with all their “rules” completely missing the point of God’s instruction. It must be said though, that accountability between men is very important. Let’s step out ladies, and let the guys knock each other around a bit. *smile* I’m just saying. When the resolution was just between the men, I was less hesitant about it. But as soon as the wives and children were brought into it, I felt the dynamic changed.

I’m also curious to hear people’s thoughts on this: Adam studied God’s word, and he felt that the resolution was what God was calling father’s to do, but it was still his opinion. I’m not saying he wasn’t right, but he had personally studied God’s word to come to that conclusion. That meant he felt directly accountable to God. What about other men? If they sign that resolution, (and I’m still not saying that it isn’t biblical), who are they going to feel accountable to? On the flip side of the coin (though not in contradiction) I believe one of the reasons God wants us to have fellowship with other Christians is because different perspectives can lead us to a richer understanding of his word.

This is a terrific, thought provoking movie – I like that. I like that there are men behind this, trying to challenge other men to take up their righteous responsibility before God. Go for it! I don’t want to discourage this company, the men, and the standard they are trying to raise, but I think we do need to seek God personally, trying everything against the standard of his word. Believe me; do I do that all the time? No, no, and no. I’m human. I forget to do this so often it isn’t even funny. Now you and my uncle both know I’m not perfect. shhhh.

It isn’t all that important, but before I sign off: I don’t think an officer would say, “I have a really bad feeling about this,” and then turn casually around with his back to the door of the house. I think it is mildly amusing, but I’m going to cut them some slack because – I feel their pain! I’m writing a story with law enforcement and crime scenes in it and it isn’t exactly easy. I have done research, and tried, but let’s just say it is an area that I want to work on. Besides that, whenever I watch movies or shows with lawmen, I can usually be counted on to feel that something isn’t realistic. And I’m right? Of course - Well, I’m pretty sure - “He would not do that! That is so unrealistic! Oh, brother.”

I’m looking forward to their next movie. What about you? Have you seen Courageous? What are your thoughts?


Friday, January 20, 2012

Tex Ting

Do you know what the greatest thing is I did in 2011? Drum roll please…..I sent a text. I can just hear the sudden silence of the drums. Huh?

Well, it’s true. In my 25+ plus years (oh, I suppose the + should be bolded. Maybe.) I had never sent a text. I just hadn’t needed to do so. I confess, having had to send few, they are kind of cool. But truthfully, I do not know when or if I shall ever send one again.

I do know what a computer is.

I have seen color T.V.

I don’t know how to ride a horse, so don’t even go there. Horsepower is great in a car.

I think apples are something you eat.

Do you listen to an iPhone with your eye? Strange, vedy strange.

I need to know these things.

I wonder what great adventure 2012 is holding for me?


(In other news, I think I need to get well. You can see what it does to me being sick.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Timing Is Perfect....
in a way

My sister is a natural comic. That being said, have you ever seen "Night at the Museum?" If you haven't, go watch it and then come back and read this post.

Okay, are you ready now?

My sister was in town at work and we were watching "Courageous". Two of my sisters have already seen it, so I had a general idea of what was about to happen. We had just got to the place where one of the guys police buddies comes screeching up in a patrol car and tells him to get in, his daughter was just in a car accident.

Cue dramatic music, the car speeds off, sirens wailing.....

Our door slid open and Mr. K. put his head into the room telling one of my brothers, "get dressed and meet me at the truck. (He was wearing clothes. Translation: Bundles up.) Miss H. just went off the road and is in the ditch."

Father joined the group and they carefully rushed off on the snow covered roads to go rescue her.

We're waiting around and Miss Twiglet says in her Night at the Museum Pharaoh voice, "There's an accident in the movie. Miss H. is in the ditch. 'There is just too much going on here."

Miss H. is home safe, praise the Lord. The sister's car she was driving? Not so much. It's Puddy Muddy's second accident in two months. What do you do with a car that has already been in one accident and totalled? It's totally totalled, dude. Like, totally.

Note to Self: Get Well. Stay Well

They’re both in my lap, and it’s okay ‘cause they coordinate. Black and white Chihuahua + black netbook = As long as it works. Thank goodness today I’m half lying down, due to a cold flu, so there is a wee bit extra room on my lap. I tried to convince Boo to lie next to me, but apparently it isn’t as cozy.

The light is fading, I’m surfing pretty pictures on the web, sipping tea, eating chocolate chip cookies sent up from the tea at K&E’s house. Life could be worse when you’re sick. Still, I’m looking forward to being back on my feet again. It seems to have been one illness after another being passed around the family for over a month. I've faired pretty well (ha,ha!) but I think we need to all get back on the health wagon.



Friday, January 13, 2012

What Have Your Shopping Trips
Turned Up Recently?

Mum and I took a rare trip to the mall today and found absolutely nothing.

Well, perhaps one thing.

It was black and white, and striped like a Zebra; a robe but not in the traditional style. It was almost like a big square that you could just pop over the top of your head, the sleeves part of the body. It looked like something Cruella De Ville might wear. Perhaps that idea did spring to mind so readily because I watched 101 Dalmatians yesterday. I could also see myself wearing it, swinging dramatically across the room, arms flailing theatrically. I could picture our black and white Chihuahua ………… taking one look at me and running screaming from the room.

I didn’t buy it. Sometimes I’m big that way.

Better luck shopping next time!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do You Eat a Cupcake?

They say January is National Hot Tea Month. For a girl that drinks hot tea daily*, well, several times a day, this is news to me. In honor of the occasion, perhaps I should add to my daily consumption enough to make an even dozen a day. Or not. Do you know how much water I would have to drink on top of that to stay hydrated?

I read a blog by a delightful southern woman, Miss Janice. Yesterday she posted "Teatime for Children".It is an easy to read, informative post on etiquette geared to instructing children - but relevant to adults too! She even instructs you in the proper way to eat a cupcake: with a knife and fork.



*This tradition might occasionally get me into trouble - read about it here.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Giveaway Notice

My friend over at Little House in the Hills is doing a giveaway!

There are a few little crocheted animals to choose choose from (this little fella is my favorite!) Go drop by her blog, say hello and choose your favorite to sign up for the giveaway!

On a flight home before Christmas I sat next to a Navy man that was on his way home for Christmas. His family and girlfriend were going to meet him at the airport - I thought it was sweet, romantic and Christmasy. (I didn't tell him that.)



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! Mine wasn't exactly what I would have expected, but it truly was pleasant. Pleasant? What kind of description is that? It sounds like I'm being cautious, which is probably true. :)

Inspiration struck and I had a nice post all typed out for my New Year greeting, but I never got to the Internet. However, I'm still going to share it with you.


I confess that sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking of the Bible as simply history, and losing sight of not only its relevance to me today, but they very fact that it is history. Men and women experienced these things, it’s real.

It’s easy to do with any history, and I think it is important when it becomes real for us. I remember standing on a Civil War battle field once and pausing to think, “Men fought on this very ground - where I am standing!” It makes you think.

Sometimes when I’m reading through the Bible, it’s the little things, that make it come alive for me. I was reading in Romans chapter 5 the other day and this verse pretty much summed up a realization to me: For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. (Romans 5:19 KJV)

Because of Adams disobedience, we’re all born sinners. Because of Christ’s obedience, we have the choice to be saved from our sin. (Interesting thing, Eve ate the fruit first, but she isn’t the one that is held responsible for the disobedience in the grand scheme of our sin.)

One man. I mean think about that, one man? Adams decision has affected every single person that came after him. Everyone. One man made one decision and it changed the world, but not for the better. Then Christ came, one man. His sacrifice changed the history of the world again, this time for good. Through his obedience, “shall many be made righteous.”

Individuals make a difference. When we make a decision, for good or bad, it affects others; follow Christ.

Go forth and conquer!
Happy New Year!


That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 KJV