Friday, January 27, 2012

Thrifty Gift Idea

I love kids. Such simple things make them happy. I remember as a child one time getting a small box of raisins, just as a snack probably, but I pulled the idea out of the deep recesses of my memory and being stumped on Christmas ideas (and on a budget) I bought all my nieces and nephews (that are eating solids) individual boxes of raisins. The feedback? They were a hit! You don’t have to store it, it’s healthy, and if their little minds can process the idea, they know their aunt was thinking of them.

My nieces that is an absolute chocolate diva? She liked the raisins, but she wasn’t as ecstatic. Chocolate covered raisins for her?

For birthday’s I often give them money – not a lot, just as many dollars as they are old. But if they save the money (and I continue it ;)), that will add up over the years. For the latest birthday, I also included a box of raisins for something that would appeal more to a child. Wee K’t seemed thrilled, and loved eating them out of the teacup from the darling play set another one of her aunts gave her - she got a plethora of fun, and practical gifts! Not everyone is as boring as me. :)

With a little deviation here and there, I might stick to a similar formula at least while they are in their wee years. It works, and I like things that work. I don’t think gift giving comes naturally to me. If I have a love language (why do I say “if”?), I would say that isn’t it.

I guess the biggest problem for me is I want the gift to be perfect. I want the recipient to feel loved and special. I want them to like it. I’m a practical person, so I want it to be useful and not something they are simply going to have to dust the rest of their life! Spare me from trinkets and bobbles - especially since I’m in a de-cluttering phase in my life right now. Not that I don’t occasionally give gifts that fit into that realm, but I try to steer clear.

The second problem is money. Isn’t it always? I have a very small amount that I allot for each birthday, but I still want to do something special. Sometimes I’m simply too disorganized and end up in a panic because I didn’t take care of things in advance. Be better than me.

Do you have any great gift ideas? I'd love to hear!



Hannah said...

The Raisins were a big hit with Roy, after opening the wrapping he promptly ate every last one and then kept looking in the box and asking for more. Great idea!

TW said...

He's so cute! I'm glad he loved them!