Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Said What?

I’d told my family about a movie I had watched with my grandmother on the Hallmark Channel that I thought was really cute. As one of my sisters was taking off from a Christmas tea, she came over to me, sitting next to my sister-in-law, and leaned down and said in a quiet voice, “I’m going to Harkins* to get A Boyfriend for Christmas. Do you want to come down to the well house and watch?”

Mrs. B.T.’s head came up, “What did you just say?”

It was too perfect and I burst out laughing, “You heard her correctly!”

We then explained that we were refereeing to a movie, not a plan.

Which was good, because Mrs. B.T. couldn’t recommend Harkins* to get a boyfriend.

I really enjoyed A Boyfriend for Christmas, and would recommend it with a mild caution. All in all, for a light hearted, “chick flick” it was funny, but with character to it. Fairy Tale Alert: The lawyer is good. And they give you the impression that Santa Clause is real. I just thought I’d let you know - fair warning and all. :)

*Name changed to protect the guilty, the innocent, and the unconcerned.

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's an Epidemic

So I had a new experience today,I worked selling SpaLiving sheets. At one point I was talking to a woman and her husband is standing there bent over, saying, "basketball." I'm thinking, "are there supposed to be basketballs here, are you looking for basketballs, are you crazy?"

It eventually all came together: he was trying to see my shoes beneath my long skirt to figure out if I was tall and, was I a basketball player?

At least he didn't offer me a job modeling jewelry.

You know what, I did once get a basketball into a hoop while holding a toddler. I was quiet determined to do it, and felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards.

That's life,


Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mugger and a Maid

As told by T.W. as closely as she remembers it being told by Mrs. D. who may or may not have heard the story first hand.

Mrs. D. and her husband (of “The Boondocks”) were involved in medieval reenactment, and though they’re older, most of the people involved in the society are younger college age kids.

A young woman was walking to an event in medieval attire and a man jumped out at her with a switch blade, “I have seven inches of steel, give me your purse!”

She pulled out her sword, “I match your seven, and raise you thirty.”

His knife is framed and mounted on her wall - he dropped it in his haste to run.

So, in lieu of an Irish Wolfhound, I can also now recommend a thirty seven inch sword (give or take a couple inches, I suppose.)

To arms...swords or dogs....! Let not evil prevail!


P.S. Happy Birthday to my older brother Mr. S.Q. - I hope you're aging well, because I'll be there in a couple years. ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Wow! Are we really 11/12 of the way through the year? Shocking.

First, Happy Birthday to my sister!

Second, I enjoyed a fabulous visit around Thanksgiving with a special friend and faithful blog follower Miss Hannah Moss!

Third, while said special friend was here, above mentioned sister was in a car accident. Praise the Lord she wasn't seriously hurt though she is bummed that she'll be going to a chiropractor (a doctor!) for the first time in her life. (Dentists don't count ;))

Fourth, I made another trip to "The Boondocks" to help with puppies again! They are so cute and I wanted to bring one home with me. If you hate dogs, stop reading here. If you're neutral, think about stopping, if you like them, go ahead and read. My mother had pick of the litter, which essentially meant that I did because she knows I'm interested in getting another wolfhound, but now IS NOT the time. Oh, and are they going to be gorgeous dogs! Sad. But not as sad as the fact that the mother of the pups wanted to go home with us. She has a wonderful home where she is, but, well, she's a Wolfhound and we're her first masters. (She used to be ours).

Mrs. D. told me a story about a woman I know by name. Ms. Blaney (so we’ll call her) was driving downtown in a big city, her Irish Wolfhound lying on the back seat when at a stop light, a man yanked open her passenger door and got into the car.

The Irish Wolfhound stood up. The man got out of the car.

The moral of the story is either lock your door or keep an Irish Wolfhound in your back seat. Or both.

So that's that.


P.S. I have another terrific (non dog) story coming soon - A Mugger and a Maid as told to T.W. !