Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Wow! Are we really 11/12 of the way through the year? Shocking.

First, Happy Birthday to my sister!

Second, I enjoyed a fabulous visit around Thanksgiving with a special friend and faithful blog follower Miss Hannah Moss!

Third, while said special friend was here, above mentioned sister was in a car accident. Praise the Lord she wasn't seriously hurt though she is bummed that she'll be going to a chiropractor (a doctor!) for the first time in her life. (Dentists don't count ;))

Fourth, I made another trip to "The Boondocks" to help with puppies again! They are so cute and I wanted to bring one home with me. If you hate dogs, stop reading here. If you're neutral, think about stopping, if you like them, go ahead and read. My mother had pick of the litter, which essentially meant that I did because she knows I'm interested in getting another wolfhound, but now IS NOT the time. Oh, and are they going to be gorgeous dogs! Sad. But not as sad as the fact that the mother of the pups wanted to go home with us. She has a wonderful home where she is, but, well, she's a Wolfhound and we're her first masters. (She used to be ours).

Mrs. D. told me a story about a woman I know by name. Ms. Blaney (so we’ll call her) was driving downtown in a big city, her Irish Wolfhound lying on the back seat when at a stop light, a man yanked open her passenger door and got into the car.

The Irish Wolfhound stood up. The man got out of the car.

The moral of the story is either lock your door or keep an Irish Wolfhound in your back seat. Or both.

So that's that.


P.S. I have another terrific (non dog) story coming soon - A Mugger and a Maid as told to T.W. !

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Hannah Moss said...

I guess I'm neutral when it comes to dogs- I thought about stopping but continued anyway. :)