Saturday, May 21, 2011


I few weeks ago I went to Target with my grandmother and found this dress on sale! I’ve been keeping my eye out for dresses that I could wear as long tops and this was a great find. I’ve worn it with my long dark jeans as a top, or unbuttoned as a jacket. It is a tiny bit dramatic, but classic too. I’m on the lookout for a wide belt to change up the look some more.

Now honestly, I can be a bit of a clothes snob. I like nice clothes, really nice clothes. Not only because, “oh, it’s just Brooks Brothers,” tosses nose up, (ha :)) but because you can tell quality and that can make an outfit feel really fabulous, and I love that. However, the dress was what I was looking for, so I’m giving the brand a try. And then I was excited to see this link to the dress from YouLookFab – a fashion blog I read. Now, this is a pretty modern site, and not usually my style, but I do like to keep an eye on the latest trends. It was fun to see a piece I’d already selected linked in one of her posts.

I’m keeping my eye out for some accessories to make this into a great summer piece! Maybe after some shopping, and when I get to a camera, I can share some pictures. No promises, though, life is a bit unpredictable at the moment.

I think maybe the best thing about this purchase is that my grandmother and I agreed on it. You know, it seems we have different taste in clothing a lot of the time. I'm just saying....