Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stop and Think!

This blog post by Michael Hyatt really made me think:

A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?

I definately want to be Victor, but I know that I tend to be more like Frank. Yikes. I hope this sticks in my memory and I remember to stop and think more before speaking!

Thanks Michael for a great inspiration post!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Treats

I have Chinese noodles and chocolate chips - and my sisters on the lookout for a good price on Cadbury's Mini Eggs. And then I'll be making these little gems!

The Basic Formula
Chinese noodles
2 cups (+?) Chocolate chips
1 Tablespoon Shortening
Mini Eggs

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Lightly grease a bowl and put in the bag of Chinese noodles. Melt chocolate chips in double boiler and add shortening. Pour melted chocolate over noodles and gently coat them. Pull out a portion of the melted chocolaty mass and form into a nest, approximately 2 inch across, with an indentation in the middle. I use my hands. Allow nest to set for several hours. Place "eggs" in nest and serve or display.

I'll try to get more specific measurements when I make them!



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good in What We Think is Bad

Recently I was feeling overwhelmed and weary, and I thought, “I need a vacation.” BUT, I knew that was a very unrealistic need. (Can needs be unrealistic?) Where would I go, and moreover, I didn’t want to spend any money. So that was the end of the story.
But it wasn’t the end. In fact, life got worse, and after valiantly fighting and hoping, I got sick. Mostly I breeze through colds with mild symptoms, but this was a little worse and I had to stop and rest. But that is when the good, in what I thought was bad, happened. I only felt uncomfortable for about two days, and then while I definitely wasn’t well and still needed to rest, I could actually enjoy this break thrust upon me guilt free. Furthermore, spring weather arrived, and with it a renewing of hope. Here is a quote from an e-mail I sent to a friend:
This morning as a cool breeze from the outdoors stirred through the house and sunshine shone brightly outside, I felt reenergized and renewed, the promise of spring outdoors resonating with an emotional spring in my soul. I have been weary, but these days of rest have been like a drink from a cold winter well.”
That is what is was like, and it was almost ethereal. Resting all day, letting myself forget all the work I should be doing and indulging in “fluff” reading while wrapped in a blanket to ward off any chill from the invigorating spring air. I made one exception to my “no working” rule and did some hand sewing to finish a project I had wanted to do since Christmas, but that was it. The rest I just let go for a few days.
So often if find it hard to let go and place things back in God’s hands, but this gift of a rest period, packaged with beautiful sunshine and crisp air was a reminder to me of God’s goodness, of his control of even the smallest things, and that he can use even bad things to good purpose.  
The foolishness of thinking that I can do a better job if I keep control boggles my mind, and yet in a blink I forget and want things to go the way I plan them. Why do I so often and so quickly forget to trust Him?
Sometimes a vacaction isn't where we go, it's how it makes us feel. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Try to Come Between Me and My Sister

The mindset of some people astounds me. I’ve heard it before, but the older man finished admiring my family’s picture and then told me, “Man, if I was a young guy dating one of you, I’d look around and say, hey, I have some more options here, which one do I choose?”

I informed him that my brother-in-law had zeroed in on the sister he wanted to marry and there was never any other option for him.
And that is how it should be.

If a guy was so flaky as to try and philander between sisters, we’d show him the door - collectively. Yes, I have very beautiful sisters, and we all do look a lot alike, but beneath that outer beauty are young women with similarities, but very different in our personalities, aspirations, goals and desires. Except that we’re all looking for a husband that is tall and wealthy. We all pretty much agree on that. Did I ever mention that we’re smart as well as beautiful? J Dreamers at any rate.
It wouldn’t bother me if a guy thought we were all pretty, that’s not a problem, but I react to the underlying spirit of focusing only on the outward appearance.  If a guy wants to pursue a relationship with one of us, he’d jolly well better see something special about that sister. Beauty is only skin deep and if you can’t appreciate what is beneath that, then forget trying to go into a life- long relationship.

I don’t mean this unkindly, but to provoke thought, “Is it any wonder that this guy was married more than once?”
There was another older guy there and he frequently talks about how beautiful our family is, which is flattering, but I’ve also with grief heard him talk about his wife pointing out attractive women to him. What’s wrong with that? Well, to be honest here, I doubt she’s saying, “Look at that lovely girls face.” Jesus said, “If a man even looks on a woman to lust after her he hath committed adultery already with her in his heart.” Jesus had pretty high standards, and I don’t expect everyone to be without sin, but to hear a Christian guy talking without shame about his eye for the woman is a sad statement for how far we’ve fallen.
Having said all this, it's not really to pick on the guys that I don't have great respect for, but becuase I know guys that aren’t that way. No, they’re not perfect, but they have a heart to hold themselves to Christ’s standard. That's pretty amazing.



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! May you abound in the blessings of Christ's love this season as you celebrate His birth.

Glory to our King!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey

My oldest nephew kept politely requesting things at the dessert table, very politely, but imperiously nonetheless. Finally I asked him, "Where's your kingdom?" He told me very ingenuously, "I don't know." I love that boy!

Later he informed me, "I'm eating lots so I'll be big and strong like Daddy." Ah, sweet Hallmark moment, but I couldn't let it go at that, I asked him, "Are you going to be smart and brilliant like your Aunt T.W.?"

One of my nieces took a bite of the cheesecake bars I had brought to the feast, I took one look at her face expression and asked, "Should I try a different recipe next time?" It was just such look as I might have given in my youth. She has a great future before her!

We took family pictures and froze! But it was still fun.

I'm so thankful for such a wonderful family!

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

A friend took my mother and I with her to vote today, but my mother discovered she didn't have a pair of glasses with her so she didn't vote becuase she couldn't see well enough. We did some shopping and other errands, mostly so she could pick up a pair of glasses.

She returned later in the day and voted, and then as she dropped her ballot in the box she told the elderly lady taking ballots, "This is the second time I've been here today."


It was eventually clarified that no, she hadn't voted the first time. It was the first and only time she had voted that day.

I'm not going to give a civic duty speech and tell you to go vote no matter who you're voting for, because I don't want to encourage people to vote the wrong way.

I mean, do you think I should tell people, "Yes, go jump off a bridge. It's your civic duty." If you're not going to vote wisely, I'd rather you didn't.

I'm just being honest. Don't you think that's refreshing in a political light?