Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, I came up to the office this morning and this is what I found: the remains of a rose hip (that was in with the leaves) in complete shreds all over the keyboard. My brother told me the same thing happened yesterday too. What I wonder is this, the rose hip I can understand, but why on the keyboard? I don't get that. I mean, the keyboard?

Death to mice! (Even if they are cute.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Leaves

To give credit where credit is due, I got the idea for the leaves in the office workstation makeover from Dreamy Whites. These are also fresh leaves since the original picture. No water = not a good idea. Here's to Round Two!

The Office

I'm planning to spend a lot of time here over the next month, and I don't know if I really could have done it "as is". I suppose I could. Maybe. But how depressing.

This is another one of those areas that has a complete mish mash of things that were stuffed there when we moved. Not to mention that there are a lot of mice in here. Though I haven't seen one come poking its nose around lately, there is still evidence that they exist.

Before: Depressing, dirty, disorganized, messy, discouraging, disheartening, dismal, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (Am I making it clear how I felt about this?)

After: I can do this.

After 2: As you can see, I removed the white circle from underneath the keyboard before taking this picture. I decided it was too much white in the wrong place.

My original plan was to put something over the "lovely" pink insulation, but time being of the essence, I decided to forgo that plan and do what I could with what I had. I'm glad all the computer equipment is black, it made life much easier. While I was at it, I decided to give my computer "desktop" a makeover too.

I think I'm going to like working here.

When I was putting the Hawthorne twigs behind the computer screen my little brother was grumbling that I was feminising the office. I glared at him and said, "You call putting branches with inch long thorns feminising!" Real story: Too pleased with myself I smiled and said, "yes!" I didn't even think of the thorns and feminising thing until later.

In other news, it is snowing today. I'm not sure how I feel about that. And I have a mild cold. I do know how I feel about that. I do not like it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Life

I had just come out of the office when the wind whipped away my task list carrying it away and dumping it onto the other side of the fence. It stayed stationary a moment and taking hope I popped my clipboard and other papers back in the door and then ran to the gate, undid the latch on the wire and went into the pasture, carefully closing the gate behind me.

You know it was the first time I have ever been through that gate? I walk by it all the time, the property down below is ours. But no, I had never crossed that boundary.

I tripped down through the rocky field, located the paper, climbed up a bank to it and after securing it I stopped to marvel at what I found on this side of the fence. Not greener pastures, but some pretty leaves. And then I tripped on a rock and fell, barely catching myself from landing backside first. So I left.

That's my life. Just one hectic adventure after another.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Remodel Part XX

An Update on the Master Bedroom:

Remember this? Specifically remember that light fixture? Well, I'm sure somebody at one point in their life loved it. Maybe two somebodies, whoever designed it and whoever bought it. If you love modern design, you might think it is lovely. I, on the other hand, will simply declare that it is not to my taste. No offense to anyone, I recognize we can't all like the same things. And actually, in the right place, or with a makeover, it might be kind of cool. But in this environment it is a sore thumb and had to go.........

More traditional, classic and understated. A much better overall look for this room. And while I recognize a picture showing the rest of the room makeover would have been nicer, remember how much sorting and rearranging we have been doing lately? Not so photo worthy at the moment. We'll get there.....

And, there are now outlet covers. Not white , which is lovely, but would have been another of those sore thumb things. Right thing, wrong place, etc.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Remodel Part XIX

While Mum and Dad were off on their travels I recruited some sibling help to get some organizing done!

We toted up to the house the concrete blocks from the old foundation and using wood that was already cut to the right size, assembled temporary shelves. Very heavy temporary shelves. Have you any idea how much those blocks weight? Neither have I, but in a word, heavy.

Looking from this direction there is now a wall blocking the view. Which is a good thing. Except if you're in the pantry trying to find something or organize, then maybe not. Coming Soon: Electric to a pantry near you! One can hope. Actually, now I think of it, there is a loose plug in there, just no light.

This has of course been rearranged, and probably will be several times over, but having shelves to put things away on is very nice.

Now the parents are back and this is the next stage of making the house more functional. I present to you the baking cupboard! My sister even made cookies the other day - not perfect, not permanent, but functional. Am I talking about the cookies or the cupboard here? I can see where there would be confusion. (I was talking about the cupboard - just so's you know.)

And this is the cooking shelf; pots, pans, hot pads and savory supplies by the stove. I made soup last night and an apple cobbler from wild apples from the mountain. I have to say there is something immensely satisfying about cooking in a more rustic environment. At least temporarily.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Blue Castle with.....

...Running water! Not hot, but running. You have no idea the beauty of pulling up on the handle of a faucet and having water come out. You know the simple things in life you take for granted? Sometimes life forces you to a whole new appreciation of them.

Appreciation the simple things.

Happy Tuesday!


Over the weekend we had a very special family friend visit - and she brought my sister who has been out of town for a visit with her! On Friday there was supposed to be a family hike, but it ended up being pretty much the girls on their own. I love water, and it was a hike along the river. Beautiful!

Along the river...


Looking through the trees.

Heading back up hill!

I do like this grass! Simply amazing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Remodel Part XVIII

The Beanstalk

See this cute little stove?

Mum and Dad didn't want us to be without a complete source of heat while they were gone in case the weather turned really cold, so Father used this stove temporarily since it was available. But, scale wise, it doesn't quite fit.

So we have the Beanstalk.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Remodel Part XVII

The Closet

Remember my mentioning that Mum and I had managed to organize a temporary closet? Well, here it is. In all its glory. Rustic glory. Temporary glory. But it's here.

The closet

It tapers pretty far down there, ya'll. Duck honey, duck.

This is my perspective, crouched in the back looking out.

Looking in from over by the windows.

It started to become home when I put the greenery in that vase.

Moving on to Fall


Bringing in the hay

A random bush just outside the house that looks more like berries, but is in actuallity, more a flower.

(Do you know how much I'd know if I actually too the time to look these things up? I'd be such a wealth of information! Oh, well. An encyclopedia is not the point of my being. Thank you for your time. )

Fashion & Such

Um, how do I break this to her gently?

"Sweetheart, you just don't look completely country in this photograph. Maybe it's the sunglasses? Because really, everything else is fine. I'm very glad you coordinated your teacup to the shades. That is such a nice touch."

Do you want to know something? If you don't, stop reading, if you do, here goes: I spent most of my childhood in the city, but we were raised with a "country" work ethic. Then we moved to the country. We got dogs, we also go leashes. Very city folk, I'm afraid. It sort of labels you. A few years ago we moved out of state, again to the country, but this time further out. Yes, we we're moving from the country, but we still somehow appeared to be unaccustomed city folk, not used to the rigors of country living. We do fine, it's just that we don't seem to inspire a lot of confidence in our abilities to cope with the "wild."

Actually, in all honesty, I do have a bit of a problem: I am not a city girl, nor am I really a country girl. (Panic - am I from this planet?)


I took this photo in the spring

And then I took this one a couple weeks ago. Braving the cooler weather to contrast with the wheat tones of autumn.

(I think they are the same kind of flower?)

Fall Spring Cleaning

The internet has actually been working to download pictures, and since it has been a bit touch and go I'm trying to catch up and get my computer files cleaned out and myself back on track while the going is good.

The whole cluster is probably over three inches across. They just don't seem like a typical wildflower.

Some of my favorites, the different color flowers on the same plant and how they complemented the rusty colored rocks. Very neat.

Coral paintbrush.

The bird in the bush - I love the way the colors compliment each other!


The season of blue wildflowers. The field would change with the different wildflowers colors.

I really should have taken pictures of all the different grasses. Fascinating and almost lacy.

So simple, and yet so complicated.

Hey, Bug? Can I take your portrait? Thank you!

Purple Assortment of Sorts

I actually think these two flowers are the same kind, but they are so different.

This one reminds me of a dress with feathers on it. I think.

I love these flowers. My brother found them somewhere on the mountain and brought back a mini bouquet for his wife. Tiny these flowers are, but that is what makes them so amazing.

These ones are a little bit bigger, and look at the shape. Aren't they interesting? It's such a big mountain, and the variety of the tiny beauties it holds, only unfolded by a stroll over is dips and hollows, is a joy to the finder.

The Remodel Part XVI

Foam Insulation

Mosaic insulation. It's a labor of love, especially when Mother wants you to use all the scraps.

It took them quite a few days, working on different parts of the house when they had time.

It was a very messy job, after they were done with a section, they left a million little white foam pieces in their wake. I am happy that the foam is pretty much done just because of that.

It looks better when they put the white side out. But I shouldn't complain. This is after all, not the finished wall.

But see, doesn't it look neat with the white?

It almost looks like Tudor construction.

Check out the bargain chandelier Mum found at the local Habitat for Humanity store. She hasn't had much luck there in the past, but I think she brought this home for $30 - it was 50% off. If she goes Early American, it will stay brass, but otherwise we have discussed painting it. It was a special blessing from the Lord just when she needed some extra encouragement.