Monday, October 4, 2010

The Remodel Part XIII


Looking into the skeleton of the upstairs bathroom. See that shower? It wouldn't fit up the staircase. So, Father and mother and one of my sisters and I carefully brought it up on a rope and fit it through the truss. Uh, huh. We're under strict orders to take good care of it, because the truss is now a wall.


The sheetrock girls. That sounds like a band. Hellllllo down there!

The upstairs bathroom sheetrocked

Another sheetrock girl working on the downstairs bathroom.

Half of the half bath is sheetrocked, textured and painted. Please, don't say we do things by halves around here. Please, just don't.

One wall of the pantry framed and sheetrocked. We're still waiting for the other one to get done.
(And waiting, and waiting....)

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