Monday, October 4, 2010

The Remodel Part Part XIV

The Bookcases

We have a lot of books. And we needed more space. We now have the space to put more space and this is the space we used. Uh, huh.

Over at 320 Sycamore her contractor quoted her $2000 for two built in bookcases. Take a good look at how much more space we're trying to create. I don't want to even think about how much they would have cost. But it was a good piece of information to share with Mummy. When you're saving yourself that much money you can't help but be encouraged.

Father built a platform and then using bookcases we already had, mother spaced them evenly along the wall to fit shelves in between.

Father cut and fit the shelves. And then because the shelves did not match, mother and some of the girls painted them. Raspberry. It wasn't quite supposed to be so pink and the effect was rather intense. Mother wasn't sure about her decision at this point, but I reminded her that the books would tone it down. And we can repaint it later. Just not before their trip to Ireland (She had me worried).

The doors.


On the shelf: This is a copy of a water color my grandmother has that was done by my father's aunt from England.

There is still some more shelves on top to add, and trim pieces, but so far the project has cost probably closer to thirty dollars. We already had the bookshelves, the lumber was salvage, the shelf brackets are only a couple dollars, and the original can of paints was an "oops" deal @ $5 (though we did buy another can for closer to $20).

Not to shabby, eh?

If you think bookcases aren't the highest priority when you are trying to finish a house, then you're wrong. So there. No, actually, it might seem that way, but the detour was completely worth it because we we're able to get so much organized and not "floating" anymore. That was worth it.


Hannah Moss said...

Wow, it's actually one finished, awesome-looking wall! That must be fun, to at least have one place to look where it's completely done! I like the raspberry look! :)

Tricia Regar said...

COOL, COOL!!!!! I love the bookshelves with the other shelves tucked neatly in between. Beautiful.

TW said...

Yes, while I can still see some things that need to be done on them, it is so nice to have a wall in the house that is "practically finished".

Thank you so much for the encouragement ladies!