Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Remodel Part XVI

Foam Insulation

Mosaic insulation. It's a labor of love, especially when Mother wants you to use all the scraps.

It took them quite a few days, working on different parts of the house when they had time.

It was a very messy job, after they were done with a section, they left a million little white foam pieces in their wake. I am happy that the foam is pretty much done just because of that.

It looks better when they put the white side out. But I shouldn't complain. This is after all, not the finished wall.

But see, doesn't it look neat with the white?

It almost looks like Tudor construction.

Check out the bargain chandelier Mum found at the local Habitat for Humanity store. She hasn't had much luck there in the past, but I think she brought this home for $30 - it was 50% off. If she goes Early American, it will stay brass, but otherwise we have discussed painting it. It was a special blessing from the Lord just when she needed some extra encouragement.


Hannah Moss said...

I love it!!

Hannah said...

Wow! It has been forever since I've been to see ya'll and check out the progress. Ditto what Squishy said! :-)