Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Remodel Part XV

The Boy's Loft

They built it. It's incentive to do a good job.

"Have you seen this thing? Where's the post? It's supposed to be a load bearing wall." I just made that up, I have no clue what he is saying. However, there is now a post that runs all they way from the floor to the the roof at the corner where the loft floor sticks out. When you are reengineering trusses, holding the roof up is a concern. So they say. I'm personally worried about the floor too. But that's just me.

And the pantry below the loft, through the doorway. It's a little drafty at the moment, but we'll soon fix that.

And they moved their beds up there. And they are still up there. They get an A+ for framing I guess.

That blanket doesn't look very boyish, but remember we don't have complete insulation at the moment - or heat. Practicality is the order of the day here. Note: the other side is a beautiful floral pattern and he chose the stripes. He did what he could.
Personally? I love what the boots do for this photograph.

I know it isn't done yet, but it is progress and these guys have pretty much never had a bedroom or proper beds. It's time.

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