Friday, October 22, 2010

The Remodel Part XIX

While Mum and Dad were off on their travels I recruited some sibling help to get some organizing done!

We toted up to the house the concrete blocks from the old foundation and using wood that was already cut to the right size, assembled temporary shelves. Very heavy temporary shelves. Have you any idea how much those blocks weight? Neither have I, but in a word, heavy.

Looking from this direction there is now a wall blocking the view. Which is a good thing. Except if you're in the pantry trying to find something or organize, then maybe not. Coming Soon: Electric to a pantry near you! One can hope. Actually, now I think of it, there is a loose plug in there, just no light.

This has of course been rearranged, and probably will be several times over, but having shelves to put things away on is very nice.

Now the parents are back and this is the next stage of making the house more functional. I present to you the baking cupboard! My sister even made cookies the other day - not perfect, not permanent, but functional. Am I talking about the cookies or the cupboard here? I can see where there would be confusion. (I was talking about the cupboard - just so's you know.)

And this is the cooking shelf; pots, pans, hot pads and savory supplies by the stove. I made soup last night and an apple cobbler from wild apples from the mountain. I have to say there is something immensely satisfying about cooking in a more rustic environment. At least temporarily.


Tricia Regar said...

In a word, magnificent! Stupendous! Wonderful! Lovely! Clean! Funny! ORGANIZED!!!! I love.
(And yes, that cookies/cupboard comment made me thoroughly confused, but in the end, I was abundantly amused. I'm a poet.)

TW said...

Hi, Tricia! 'loved you comment. :)