Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miss Ish Gets Big'ish

We're waiting for the group to get assembled before making our way down to the lake after a picnic lunch at a local park. At about three months old, it seems to me that she is already bigger than the first Irish Wolfhound I remember our family getting at five months. Our neighbors frequently comment on how fast she is growing. I live in the same house, I see her every day, but I still see a difference.

She is a puppy, and does as puppies do, but for the most part she is a little angel (I did say little, it's relative you know). She is very amusing when she gets to running around the house, she doesn't have a lot of room, but she still makes up routes and completes them with amazing agility for her size. We're talking pretty tight corners and she usually doest it running.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chocolate Trifle

I tried a new chocolate cake recipe the other day and it rather flopped. The texture was fine, the flavour good, but it clung to the pan and got a bit broken up coming out of it. It was certainly in no shape for a nice layer cake. So plan B: Trifle.

Chocolate cake layered with sweetened raspberries, chocolate pudding, and cream! And now it has been nicely blending flavours since I assembled it late Thursday afternoon. It could have been served yesterday, but my father and grandmother were out of town and they laid down a strict warning to not touch it!

Now I better go dish it up and oblige everyone.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I love these flowers! I’m quite honestly not sure why. I have this feeling that a few years back I would have considered them quite unattractive. Though maybe not. But I do like them now at any rate. They are so fascinating. The first ones to come up this spring were more orange than red, and then deep watermelon colored ones made their appearance. At first I thought that the orange ones were just the paling red. And then one glorious walk in the rain over the hills, I discovered every different kind. Soft apricot ones with blushing tips, salmon colored, pale yellow, light yellow and shades and combinations of many different hues. It is fun to discover all the variety that one little type of flower can encompass.

I think they are Indian Paintbrushes, or at least that is what my research has indicated.

Fascinating, just fascinating!