Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miss Ish Gets Big'ish

We're waiting for the group to get assembled before making our way down to the lake after a picnic lunch at a local park. At about three months old, it seems to me that she is already bigger than the first Irish Wolfhound I remember our family getting at five months. Our neighbors frequently comment on how fast she is growing. I live in the same house, I see her every day, but I still see a difference.

She is a puppy, and does as puppies do, but for the most part she is a little angel (I did say little, it's relative you know). She is very amusing when she gets to running around the house, she doesn't have a lot of room, but she still makes up routes and completes them with amazing agility for her size. We're talking pretty tight corners and she usually doest it running.

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Tricia said...

Wow, in that picture, your face looks like Olivia (Livvy) Howard in Magic of Ordinary Days! :D