Sunday, January 20, 2008


As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is fair woman that is without discretion. Proverbs 11:22

I never really thought of this verse in relation to how I behaved until a sweet lady I know related a conversation she had had with another woman. In politics it is the norm, not the exception, for a woman to have a filthy vocabulary. She had appealed to a friend of hers using this verse. Her friend told her, “you know, you’re right.” She was.

This analogy of the scripture made a deep impression on me. I started seeing other ways this verse applied to everyday living and how a lady should conduct herself to be truly beautiful. I think discretion is the basis on which every true lady is defined, consciously or not. It is important to show discretion in everything we do; in how we speak, walk, act, dress and eat.

The concept in this verse can apply to many areas of our lives. Self-control would be a good key word. What about a beautiful woman who loses her temper and spouts off with angry words? Compare that to someone who conducts themselves in a quiet manner, using appropriate language in a well modulated voice, dressing modestly, walking with poise and employing good eating habits.


It can apply to what we say, how we say it. What about our facial expressions or our temper? Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and it is healthy; but what about foolish giggling? Not a good idea.

We are bombarded today with multiple choices in clothing, most of which are not modest. Would it be discretion to attire ourselves in these styles? I think there is something far more elegant about a woman who shows discretion in how she dresses than someone with sensual attire.

Ah, I mentioned eating. This is one I see myself as struggling with sometimes. A second piece of pie? Sure, why not. A third piece of chocolate cake, well, they were kind of small. (And it was sooo good.) There are sometimes when I say, this is a feast time, it’s okay. And you know what? That is true. But feast time isn’t all the time and discretion should be something that we integrate into our eating habits.

It’s almost tea time. Fresh warm scones and a plate of chocolates wait. Well, here is a good opportunity to practice some discretion.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eliza of the West

I wanted a long skirt, but I didn’t want just an ordinary long skirt. I spotted some lovely deep taupe corduroy at the fabric store and I knew it would be perfect made up in a reproduction Victorian pattern (Butterick 4954). I shortened the train a bit so it would be more practical as a high style country skirt. The pattern picture reminds me of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, but I think it turned out more Western.

And how is this for elegance with a Western flair?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Penny Blue

I originally was envising this skirt as being a couple inches longer, but as I was cutting it out, I realized that was not going to work with the measure of material I was using. That is what you get I guess for combining two patterns and altering it to boot! I like adding little finishing details to my sewing projects. This skirt has the cutest lining, little pennyfarthings are riding all over it! The lining material has a good feel too. For fun, I added blue piping at the waistband. The lining was constructed with pale blue thread as well, but you can't see that - I just know it's there. The pictures didn't turn out as well as I would have liked (not my sisters fault), but here is one to give you a general idea.

And a close up of the details that gave its name.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pumpkin pie with a cup of tea for breakfast...

.... There are simple joys in life that must be savoured.

I am supposed to leave in a week and be gone for most of the month. It gives one almost a breathless feeling, there is so much I need to accomplish and being gone for several weeks right in the beginning of the year rather puts a damper on it. I'm hoping to take some project with me though and continue to be productive and achieve some goals that I might not be as likely to prioritize at home.

Some of my sewing projects might have to wait till I return, without Mummy to help with fitting, I am leery of cutting into perfectly good wool. Though I am anxious though to get that dress made. I haven't completely decided on a pattern, but something retro looking. Something that I could wear to town and or with the right accessories, to dinner. Except, I live in a rather casual part of the country, I might have to be careful wearing it into town. One does have to consider these things. Elegance is something achieved by having impeccable taste in harmony with your surroundings. The sleek lines of a black dress, white gloves just breaking at the wrist, a white hat, black shoes and handbag. Perfect. Except, just about everyone else in the area feels at home in faded jeans, worn cowboy boots, and a favorite cowboy hat. I sense a lack of harmony between these two looks.

I really ought to make out my to do list for the day. At my current rate of progress, it is going to be a to do list for the afternoon. Goodness, the days nearly half spent. "An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon." I don't know who said that, but it is very true. While I'm working, I really ought to be thinking about that story I'm editing, I'm adding a major portion and I need to develop the plot. It's coming along, but I want to finish the changes before I leave. Possible? I don't know.

Anything's possible if I just go get away I go.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Some of My ….

New Year’s Goals:
(I like goals so much better than resolutions. A goal is something you hope to achieve; a resolution is something you’re resolved to achieve. I’m hoping.)

  • Get my possessions completely organized – so I can get cross with my sisters for being so messy and suffer no compunction of conscience for being hypocritical. :)
  • Work on culturing my speech.
  • Read more educational literature.
  • Make a habit of dressing for dinner.
  • Finishing editing my manuscripts so I feel they are ready for a publisher, should I be so inclined. (or so brave)
  • Take better care of my hands.
  • Finish my winter sewing projects so I can start on my summer wardrobe.
  • Plant a garden this year and grow some herbs.
  • Get back into the habit of daily walks; in snow, wind, rain or heat.
  • Break into the design field in a quiet, achievable way. Etsy?
  • Work on being kinder and not so quick to criticize.

….try not to be sick next New Year’s!