Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pumpkin pie with a cup of tea for breakfast...

.... There are simple joys in life that must be savoured.

I am supposed to leave in a week and be gone for most of the month. It gives one almost a breathless feeling, there is so much I need to accomplish and being gone for several weeks right in the beginning of the year rather puts a damper on it. I'm hoping to take some project with me though and continue to be productive and achieve some goals that I might not be as likely to prioritize at home.

Some of my sewing projects might have to wait till I return, without Mummy to help with fitting, I am leery of cutting into perfectly good wool. Though I am anxious though to get that dress made. I haven't completely decided on a pattern, but something retro looking. Something that I could wear to town and or with the right accessories, to dinner. Except, I live in a rather casual part of the country, I might have to be careful wearing it into town. One does have to consider these things. Elegance is something achieved by having impeccable taste in harmony with your surroundings. The sleek lines of a black dress, white gloves just breaking at the wrist, a white hat, black shoes and handbag. Perfect. Except, just about everyone else in the area feels at home in faded jeans, worn cowboy boots, and a favorite cowboy hat. I sense a lack of harmony between these two looks.

I really ought to make out my to do list for the day. At my current rate of progress, it is going to be a to do list for the afternoon. Goodness, the days nearly half spent. "An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon." I don't know who said that, but it is very true. While I'm working, I really ought to be thinking about that story I'm editing, I'm adding a major portion and I need to develop the plot. It's coming along, but I want to finish the changes before I leave. Possible? I don't know.

Anything's possible if I just go get away I go.

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