Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Some of My ….

New Year’s Goals:
(I like goals so much better than resolutions. A goal is something you hope to achieve; a resolution is something you’re resolved to achieve. I’m hoping.)

  • Get my possessions completely organized – so I can get cross with my sisters for being so messy and suffer no compunction of conscience for being hypocritical. :)
  • Work on culturing my speech.
  • Read more educational literature.
  • Make a habit of dressing for dinner.
  • Finishing editing my manuscripts so I feel they are ready for a publisher, should I be so inclined. (or so brave)
  • Take better care of my hands.
  • Finish my winter sewing projects so I can start on my summer wardrobe.
  • Plant a garden this year and grow some herbs.
  • Get back into the habit of daily walks; in snow, wind, rain or heat.
  • Break into the design field in a quiet, achievable way. Etsy?
  • Work on being kinder and not so quick to criticize.

….try not to be sick next New Year’s!


Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

Hi! Kyna told me about your blog. I really like it so far! I was wondering about the "dressing for dinner" resolution. I remember that being mentioned in Wives and Daughters, by Osbourne.

At our house, I never exactly "dress for dinner," though I do try to freshen up a bit before the occasion.