Saturday, June 7, 2008


I love these flowers! I’m quite honestly not sure why. I have this feeling that a few years back I would have considered them quite unattractive. Though maybe not. But I do like them now at any rate. They are so fascinating. The first ones to come up this spring were more orange than red, and then deep watermelon colored ones made their appearance. At first I thought that the orange ones were just the paling red. And then one glorious walk in the rain over the hills, I discovered every different kind. Soft apricot ones with blushing tips, salmon colored, pale yellow, light yellow and shades and combinations of many different hues. It is fun to discover all the variety that one little type of flower can encompass.

I think they are Indian Paintbrushes, or at least that is what my research has indicated.

Fascinating, just fascinating!

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Tricia said...

That is a cool flower! I love looking closely at flowers: they always have some creative design put into them. :D