Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

On Saturday I went to the airport with a small assortment of family members to see a sister off on her vacation to Colorado for a few weeks.

Airports are very fascinating places, with such a varied assortment of people. I have always liked the excitement and hubbub of so many different individuals setting off to so many varied destinations.

Once her luggage was checked in my sister still had a bit of time before her flight, so we sat and chatted and people watched. I do wish people dressed better. Where has elegance gone? In my youthful naivety, influenced by popular fashion, I would have thought it cool to wear snazzy sport clothes to travel. I shudder. My taste has developed and I now realize that while some people do it, it is not elegant. And it is hardly appropriate attire for “ to the manor born.”
Fashion is fashion, and something I have come to realize is that it very frequently falls short of showing how to dress appropriately. The difficulty lies in trying to decipher between what is fashionable, and what is truly correct.

Back from my fashion tangent, as we were watching people we saw several young men that looked like they had just got back from a tour of duty in the war. Then as we were watching my sister through security, there was a young man that appeared to be military saying goodbye to his family. It is very sobering to be aware of a tearful farewell between a young soldier and his father, siblings, and mother.

My prayers are with not only the soldiers that go off to war to fight for our freedom, but the family they leave behind. May God bless them and return them to their loved ones safely.

Memorial Day – And the soldiers who will never return, may God be with their families in a very special way.

Thank You! Because freedom is about more than being able to wear what you want to the airport.

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