Friday, May 9, 2008

This Was the Week

It was high time for me to get a cleaning routine going. Months after our move, the house still limped along. I finally decided enough was enough, and being inspired by Pleasant View School House, I got down to business and mapped out a cleaning schedule.

Before we moved to our current abode, I had a routine to clean the entire house quickly. Being a beautiful old home, it wasn’t exactly low maintenance, but with a long ingrained system, I was usually able to go over the entire house daily.

Then we moved to a much, much newer house that should have been a quick clean. But I’d lost my routine. I didn’t know the new house and so it has gone along, surviving with occasional spurts of cleaning. I like things clean, very clean, as a matter of fact, and so I have been less than pleased.

Determined to change, I first penciled out a basic schedule that would encompass everything I needed to do to keep the house top cleaned, then this week I did a practice run to see how it would work. I like the basic routine and now I can expand upon and fine tune it. Because of all the dear little mess makers around here, I think I will have to make a time every day to do a quick run through and pick up everything that has been left out. I might have to do this twice a day, once in the morning and then sometime in the afternoon.

It was the perfect time for a change with the wildflowers springing to life on the mountainside, the daffodils and grape hyacinth coming cheerfully to life in the yard. Perfect because I love flowers, and what better way to finish a nice cleaning job than to place a fresh bouquet of them as a seal of completion. Not just flowers either, I love cuttings of new greenery just budding forth for a simple, inspiring touch. It’s a good time of year.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Tricia said...

I love cleaning schedules! They seem to make cleaning more fun because then you can check off each thing you have cleaned. :D