Monday, October 25, 2010

My Life

I had just come out of the office when the wind whipped away my task list carrying it away and dumping it onto the other side of the fence. It stayed stationary a moment and taking hope I popped my clipboard and other papers back in the door and then ran to the gate, undid the latch on the wire and went into the pasture, carefully closing the gate behind me.

You know it was the first time I have ever been through that gate? I walk by it all the time, the property down below is ours. But no, I had never crossed that boundary.

I tripped down through the rocky field, located the paper, climbed up a bank to it and after securing it I stopped to marvel at what I found on this side of the fence. Not greener pastures, but some pretty leaves. And then I tripped on a rock and fell, barely catching myself from landing backside first. So I left.

That's my life. Just one hectic adventure after another.


Hannah Moss said...

Laugh out loud! :)

TW said...

I hope you know how much I always look forward to reading your comments, Hannah!

Hannah Moss said...

Thanks, TW! There's always something to comment on here, besides, it's fun! :)