Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mugger and a Maid

As told by T.W. as closely as she remembers it being told by Mrs. D. who may or may not have heard the story first hand.

Mrs. D. and her husband (of “The Boondocks”) were involved in medieval reenactment, and though they’re older, most of the people involved in the society are younger college age kids.

A young woman was walking to an event in medieval attire and a man jumped out at her with a switch blade, “I have seven inches of steel, give me your purse!”

She pulled out her sword, “I match your seven, and raise you thirty.”

His knife is framed and mounted on her wall - he dropped it in his haste to run.

So, in lieu of an Irish Wolfhound, I can also now recommend a thirty seven inch sword (give or take a couple inches, I suppose.)

To arms...swords or dogs....! Let not evil prevail!


P.S. Happy Birthday to my older brother Mr. S.Q. - I hope you're aging well, because I'll be there in a couple years. ;)

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