Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Timing Is Perfect....
in a way

My sister is a natural comic. That being said, have you ever seen "Night at the Museum?" If you haven't, go watch it and then come back and read this post.

Okay, are you ready now?

My sister was in town at work and we were watching "Courageous". Two of my sisters have already seen it, so I had a general idea of what was about to happen. We had just got to the place where one of the guys police buddies comes screeching up in a patrol car and tells him to get in, his daughter was just in a car accident.

Cue dramatic music, the car speeds off, sirens wailing.....

Our door slid open and Mr. K. put his head into the room telling one of my brothers, "get dressed and meet me at the truck. (He was wearing clothes. Translation: Bundles up.) Miss H. just went off the road and is in the ditch."

Father joined the group and they carefully rushed off on the snow covered roads to go rescue her.

We're waiting around and Miss Twiglet says in her Night at the Museum Pharaoh voice, "There's an accident in the movie. Miss H. is in the ditch. 'There is just too much going on here."

Miss H. is home safe, praise the Lord. The sister's car she was driving? Not so much. It's Puddy Muddy's second accident in two months. What do you do with a car that has already been in one accident and totalled? It's totally totalled, dude. Like, totally.


Carrie said...

Haha! I'm hoping to buy Courageous soon. We have all the movies by them, except for that one. =)

Hannah Moss said...

I enjoy figuring out who all the different blog nicknames stand for...reminds me of that night when I was trying to figure out the A,B,C's... :-P

TW said...

*Laugh* I remember - good times!