Sunday, January 22, 2012

the Movie

Fireproof and Courageous are both close to my heart because…

I have a brother that is a volunteer Firefighter . I was his “date” one year at their annual awards banquet where he practically walked away with everything. Volunteer Firefighter of the Year? Check. First Responder? Check. The award for stations? Check, his team got it. Go Volunteers!!!!


I have a brother that was in law enforcement. Being an officer is often a thankless job, and a dangerous one. Tough? He gave the word its Teflon coating. ;) Need I say more?

Brothers. Men of courage. Real live heroes. Ooh, yah! Am I bragging? Yes, thank you. Over and out.

Soo…..Here are some thoughts. I’m looking forward to your comments! What do you think?

A round of applause to Sherwood Pictures for working to raise a standard for, clean, inspiring “entertainment!” I hope they keep up the good work, stick to the straight and narrow and press on higher. Fathers need to stand up and take the responsibility for their families! What a terrific message! I especially appreciate that they did it specifically in relation to law enforcement. It is so important that Christian officers stand strong in the Lord and set a standard with their own families. The importance of fathers being a part of their children’s lives is invaluable!

That being said, I'm not sure that a vow was the best course of action, though maybe it would be for some. If that is the biblical standard, just do it. Christ died to give us freedom, let’s not take on the bondage of lists, and lists of “to do.” We don’t want to end up like the Pharisees with all their “rules” completely missing the point of God’s instruction. It must be said though, that accountability between men is very important. Let’s step out ladies, and let the guys knock each other around a bit. *smile* I’m just saying. When the resolution was just between the men, I was less hesitant about it. But as soon as the wives and children were brought into it, I felt the dynamic changed.

I’m also curious to hear people’s thoughts on this: Adam studied God’s word, and he felt that the resolution was what God was calling father’s to do, but it was still his opinion. I’m not saying he wasn’t right, but he had personally studied God’s word to come to that conclusion. That meant he felt directly accountable to God. What about other men? If they sign that resolution, (and I’m still not saying that it isn’t biblical), who are they going to feel accountable to? On the flip side of the coin (though not in contradiction) I believe one of the reasons God wants us to have fellowship with other Christians is because different perspectives can lead us to a richer understanding of his word.

This is a terrific, thought provoking movie – I like that. I like that there are men behind this, trying to challenge other men to take up their righteous responsibility before God. Go for it! I don’t want to discourage this company, the men, and the standard they are trying to raise, but I think we do need to seek God personally, trying everything against the standard of his word. Believe me; do I do that all the time? No, no, and no. I’m human. I forget to do this so often it isn’t even funny. Now you and my uncle both know I’m not perfect. shhhh.

It isn’t all that important, but before I sign off: I don’t think an officer would say, “I have a really bad feeling about this,” and then turn casually around with his back to the door of the house. I think it is mildly amusing, but I’m going to cut them some slack because – I feel their pain! I’m writing a story with law enforcement and crime scenes in it and it isn’t exactly easy. I have done research, and tried, but let’s just say it is an area that I want to work on. Besides that, whenever I watch movies or shows with lawmen, I can usually be counted on to feel that something isn’t realistic. And I’m right? Of course - Well, I’m pretty sure - “He would not do that! That is so unrealistic! Oh, brother.”

I’m looking forward to their next movie. What about you? Have you seen Courageous? What are your thoughts?


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Carrie said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I agree about the dynamic changing when the women and children were brought into it. That's great insight. I hadn't thought about it like that before.

I totally agree about needing to seek God. With the way Sherwood's church is, you know they would've done a church-wide vow thing about this. And, it needs to be personal, not peer pressure, like what is shown with the one police officer who ends up in jail. Because it's not something that he was personally convicted about, it didn't mean as much to him. He was doing it because his buddies were. If he had said he didn't want to do it, when the other guys were, they would've thought it was sort of strange, right? Even though they might not have shown it.

I was talking to a friend, whose dad is a police officer, and apparently, it's pretty accurate as far as the police details go. Except, that police officers can't go into a house unless they have a search warrant, not just a warrant for arrest.

I agree about the part where the guy turns his back to the door. It seemed unwise. (Oh, and where the rookie guy can't find the streets in his town, even though he'd been a police man for over a year?!) Not that knowledgeable about all this, of course, but seemed a little weird. Like you said, though, they've researched it and everything, and you'll always miss something.

Anyway, yes, I'm looking forward to their next movie. =)