Sunday, January 15, 2012

Note to Self: Get Well. Stay Well

They’re both in my lap, and it’s okay ‘cause they coordinate. Black and white Chihuahua + black netbook = As long as it works. Thank goodness today I’m half lying down, due to a cold flu, so there is a wee bit extra room on my lap. I tried to convince Boo to lie next to me, but apparently it isn’t as cozy.

The light is fading, I’m surfing pretty pictures on the web, sipping tea, eating chocolate chip cookies sent up from the tea at K&E’s house. Life could be worse when you’re sick. Still, I’m looking forward to being back on my feet again. It seems to have been one illness after another being passed around the family for over a month. I've faired pretty well (ha,ha!) but I think we need to all get back on the health wagon.



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