Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Hot Tea Month

Ya'll, did you hear the news? It's National Hot Tea Month - the whole month of January (imagine that).

I drink tea everyday. It's close to national disaster status if I don't get my tea - horror of horrors, if I have to go for more than one day! I've been known to stuff tea bags in my pockets in case of emergency. It's a hundred and how many ever degrees? "Oh, I'd love a nice hot cup of tea."

I'm not an emotional person - unless "tea is the tears I never shed". Hmmm, I kind of like that quote. I just made it up and I must remember it. I'm so brilliant sometimes! Perhaps that is why the British are known for their stiff upper lip? It could be the tea.

I love it when people direct me to "goodies" on the internet, so....

The only thing better than a nice hot cup of tea, is a nice hot cup of tea with some delicous morsel of goodness to go with it! Have you ever heard of Tea Time Magazine? Miss Janice reminded me of them in this post. I confess I don't have a subscription (something to think about though when I live in a "house" again!), but I have had the pleasure of looking through some of their past issues. Beautiful, lovely, mouthwatering pictures, and recipes for the little delicousnesses!(Okay, I know that is not a word, but I wanted to use it SOOOO much. So I did.)

Pause for station identification....

Emergency supplies of tea come in handy - we're out of tea (gasp!) and my sister was just looking for some so I pulled my purse over, found the little zippered pouch and unzipped it. Inside was a tea bag and I gave it to her. I'm such a good big sister. I have one tea bag of good black tea still in there. Unfortunately, that is not going to last me through the day. Uh, what in the world was I thinking?

Back to Tea Time, their website is a sampling of their magazine. If you hop over using one of the links, under the Indulgences section, they have beautiful photos and delicious looking recipes. I think these look especially tasty; Basil-Lemon Scones and Blackberry Bavarian Cream Note: Only four recipes come up under each section, but click on the "More" down below and you get a whole list!

By the way, I think a subscription to Tea Time magazine would make a terrific gift. Birthday, Bridal Shower?

Just some inspiration in the spirit of National Hot Tea Month!

Hugs to the girls, scowls to boys,*smile* Just kidding. Well, maybe.

This is T.W.

In the interests of full disclosure, well full disclosure as far as this goes: This is my own personal, un-bribed thoughts and opinions regarding Tea Time Magazine. They don't know I exist - the nerve of some people! However, since they seem to have a picture of MY spoon, I'm getting suspicious.

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