Saturday, March 3, 2012

That Is How Life Rolls.......


The idea was that I would be working starting sometime in January helping with Bessie again. By the time her family had got everything set up, I had gotten sick and stayed that way forever (that's what it seemed like). They held the job for me though and we kept trying. Finally I got well enough to work and did once before I caught another cold. Yes, it has been a rough winter. Apparently our family isn’t the only ones that have been hit really hard.

Anyway, I may not be as physically fit as I'd like to be, but I’m pretty slender. Keep that in mind. I felt like I’d lost weight through this whole ordeal, but it didn’t bother me too much. Losing a couple pounds was fine with me. I think I even considered it a good thing. Then I showed up to work at Bessie’s and the sister we’ll call Trina showed me around, giving me updates on Bessie’s care. At one point she suddenly stopped and said something to the effect of, “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

I was wearing a puffy down vest.

I suddenly felt like a walking skeleton or an emaciated model. It’s a rather shocking thought.

I think my face must have betrayed my thoughts, because she suddenly said, “oh, you look great!”

I don’t believe she was really thinking that. :)

(By the way, I really like this lady and absolutely no offense was taken. She was saying what she thought – and trying to be nice. )

Okay, fast forward to Thursday/Friday when I managed to work again. Friday evening Trina’s older sister Candice took over when she got off work. I waited till she got there so we could go over details and to essentially give my notice. That’s another story, and nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I’m leaving town for an extended period of time.

Candice and I got everything taken care of and then before I left she told me I looked really good, and said something to the effect of, “you look so much better. You didn’t look very good.” That was the gist at any rate.

Hmmm, my mind connected the dots and guess what? Unless my memory is playing me false, I’ve talked on the phone to Candice, but I haven’t seen her in over two months. Yes, and I’m pretty sure I was completely healthy at the time. So my intuition tells me that some sisters were talking and the verdict was I didn’t look very good. :)

The reality is Trina was probably right. I didn’t feel like I looked healthy at any rate.

Yesterday though, my reflection in the mirror looked pretty. Sometimes that actually happens. Generally I feel so so, it’s just me looking back, but occasionally I like what I see. Does that ever happen to anyone else? You just feel like you’re having a good day? Is it what I’m wearing, how I’m feeling? I don’t know. It’s nice though. :) I wish it happened more often. It’s probably good it doesn’t, much to much time would be wasted in front of the mirror, “absorbing.” ;) ha,ha.

In other news, Bessie told me her family used the wild plums that grow in our area to make jams, jellies, juice, and one time she and her siblings made wine. It was very good and they got silly. They also got in trouble with their mother.

I read in the newspaper an article about a police raid on an illegal gambling party. One of the people there had received a court summons two years later. She was ninety-eight and her daughter was concerned she wouldn’t be able to appear. Two of the old ladies had died since the raid and the rest were in their seventies. One of the ladies had told the police officer to wait until she finished playing her hand. What naughty old ladies. Bessie said she wishes she could have been there.

I think she was just feeling feisty, because last summer she didn’t really like that one of her daughters played darts.



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