Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grin and Bear It

I made it home safely Friday evening despite being rather exhausted, and driving several hours through the dark. It was a nice trip though because I got to spend some time chatting with a sibling. My sister-in-law lent me her car earlier in the day to drive into town to meet up with my brother so we could drive a couple hours away and he could purchase the truck he hoped to buy. Mother had to confuse me by throwing the additional option of using my sister’s car instead. Two options, I was so confused. You can’t do things like this to me. If I’ve got a plan and you suddenly throw me another option, it is completely de-railing. Trains off the track have my sympathy. I showed great, and exceptional (for me) decisiveness by choosing my SIL car. I reached the conclusion thus: She had offered her car. It went better with my outfit than my sisters car did. You must take such important things into consideration.

On another note, after I had safely returned home, one of my sisters was very annoyed when she opened the refrigerator and off fell an empty glass jar. At one time there had been milk in it. Please don’t ask why someone didn’t put it to be washed and instead put it on top of the refrigerator. Well, it fell off and broke. Bad thing. I cleaned up the broken glass, seeing as best I could in the light from the open refrigerator door, since that corner of the room is very dark at night. It is also right next to my bed. I vacuumed up what I could see, hoping there weren’t nasty pieces of glass hiding in the dark waiting to attack bare feet. Come morning, trying to wake up, or maybe I was trying to sleep longer? One of those. I suddenly felt something fall down my back. Something big. I sat up quickly, trying to be calm and think through my options of horrible bugs. Sitting on the sheet was a 1” by 1/4” (aprox.) piece of glass. Hmmm. On further inspection, there were lots of tiny, tiny shards of glass in my bed. I say again, hmmm. On the plus side, I received no cuts.

Glass has a funny way of bouncing in this cabin. I expect the jar broke when it impacted with the floor, so that glass had to have jumped two, three feet? Really, that is very interesting if you think about it.

Yesterday I went down to help my sister-in-law with some housework (after abandoning her after only a short while Friday). Before I got started, we had this conversation: Me, “I need coffee.” SIL: That would be lovely, I suspect The Dearliest would like some too.” Me: making coffee, “oh, what did you need me to help with? I didn’t just come for the coffee.” So we chatted, cleaned and I drank coffee. She was good and had a cup of tea instead. I drank a cup of coffee - and had several cups of tea when I got home. I don’t think that qualifies as being good.

I have an excuse, wait, it’s in my back pocket somewhere, yes, right here; I chose the coffee brand Grin and Bear It for a reason. Things, outside of things, have been a little stressful the last couple days. On general principle I try not to imbibe so much tea and coffee. Most of the time.

What I really need is a big bowl of ice cream. Good ice cream is soul food. Bad ice cream is like a kick in the gut when you’re already down. There is unfortunately a lot of bad ice cream out there, please do not become a victim.

One time three (four?) of us had ice cream out of a half-gallon container. There wasn’t a freezer. I didn’t want the ice cream to go bad. It was a good brand. I tried to finish the container. It didn’t make my stomach feel very good in case you were wondering. Apparently, you can eat too much ice cream. I did the same thing with carrots once too. Or maybe that was tension, not the carrots? I don’t know, but I recommend judicious carrot consumption anyway.

All things in moderation,


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Tricia Regar said...

Ah...such good writing, once again. Loved it.