Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Random....

Well, maybe a lot random.

All the pink around Valentine’s must have done something to my brain cells. I dreamt last night that someone our family has known for a while got married. None of us had been invited to the wedding or even knew it was going to happen. Just one day my brother received a letter in the post (A.K.A. the mail) with an elaborate announcement that the wedding had taken place and lots of pictures were included. One fat letter became a Mary Poppins bag with huge pictures and wedding memorabilia. That is one way of announcing things.

All the men in the wedding party we’re wearing pink tuxedos.

I think I was surprised by the color choice, but it surprisingly didn’t look as awful as it should have looked. Besides, I was too busy being offended on behalf of my brother, who hadn’t even invited to the wedding, let alone known it was happening. The nerve of some people!

The bride was pretty, and her beauty was very unique. She had very white skin and very dark curly hair. And she also might have been wearing a tiara, which is probably because I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of foreign royalty lately. I’m wondering if I’ve seen her somewhere before or my mind just very creatively combined a lot of influences into a clear picture. Our brains can do very mysterious things.

But, pink tuxedos? Wow.

Off to make myself a cup of MotherAde and try to fight off ANOTHER cold! Grrrr & grrrrr. Do I make myself clear?


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