Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello my dear friends, this is your long lost author checking in from far, far away. Far, far away is relatively speaking. Speaking of relatives, sometimes they are far, far away, and we’re not talking land miles...

Changing subjects…

I hit a case of writers block while editing so I went to a nearby library and checked out some investigation books to give me some food for thought. One of them was No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson. I found it a most fascinating read and I’d love to find a couple copies; one for my personal library, and a copy to give to one of my brothers. Writers block solved!

To catch you up on my sudden and long silence, I’ve been essentially gone from home since the middle of March. I returned to my home area for three very busy weeks, and then flew back out to stay with my grandmother again. I returned a week earlier than expected because she fell and broke her arm. I tell you, I just can’t leave that girl alone. ;) It certainly changed the dynamic of my stay here, for better or worse, I’m not sure.

My family bought a house in town right after I left the first time, and they have been gutting it and fixing it up. I saw it before the deal closed, and it was horrible. Really horrible. They are having to take out floors, replace parts of walls, put in new windows, and even add more structural support underneath. If you’ve ever seen the T.V. show “Horders”, this house was in that category. It simply boggles my mind how anyone could live in such filth. The good news is that when the major job is done, I think it is going to be a perfect doll house. As crazy as it seems, I saw the potential even before the work started. Not that I didn’t have doubts – this was a major undertaking!

Interestingly enough, the new place is going to be a lot smaller than the house on the mountain was supposed to be, and yet still sufficient to our needs. I’m actually thinking the smaller size is better. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress when I return home in a couple weeks. Well, I should say to the home area, because again, I don’t think I’m actually going home, but house sitting for a friend.

You know, I suddenly thought about this, and I’m a little disturbed. You know the saying, “home is where the heart is? Well, with the way I’ve been living, it’s hard to classify that I have a home, and what does that say about my heart?

Well, seriously, my heart is where my family is, whether or not we have a home. Which we do, actually, it’s just everything is in such a kerfuffle lately and everyone is going different directions that things are so hard to put in boxes.

It’s a nice evening and my grandmother has requested a walk to the corner, and then I think I should finish weed eating. I even put long pants on in anticipation of this chore since that thing can be quite unkind to your legs.

Tootle Pip,

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Anonymous said...

Missing you terribly. Looking forward to your return! So are the kids. :-)