Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farewell, Blue Castle

The ground below you slowly flowed,
Your foundation heaved, your wood buckled and bowed,

The property listed, we waited for lookers
But winter turned to spring without any tookers. (sorry, really sorry)

I'm going to stop right now. It's just better that way. I'm glad you agree.

Long poem short, we sold our mountain property! Actually, I'm not sure about that exclamation mark, even though it is a blessing, I have mixed emotions about it, but I am very grateful that God brough along a buyer. New beginnings my friends, new beginnings.

I don't know if I've mentioned that we had already bought another place in town that we are completely remodeling. I use "we" loosely. I'm afraid I've been pretty much gone since we bought it.

I'm back in my home state, but I'm house sitting so I'm still not home. Which is okay since they don't have plumbing or running water. Does anyone see a pattern here?

The Blue Castle had so many hopes and dreams, so much potential, and it was a good chapter in our lives - despite the harshness of the living conditions we faced within her four walls. I never expected to again, so many years later, become a "city girl". Would I have chosen to do so? Very unlikely, for I did so love being in the country.

There are many emotions surrounding the Blue Castle, and I have asked, "was it a mistake?" But I don't think so, I think it was part of a process. I should like to write more about this someday, but no promises.

For now, goodbye country living. Goodbye little Blue Castle, goodbye forever.

Am I making anybody cry? Just curious.

Do I need more sleep? I think it very likely.


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