Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rose Hip Swags

Every once in a while I have brilliantly creative ideas and here is one of them:

Beautiful strands of cranberries hanging in swags round the tree, adding a deep richness to your Christmas tree. I've always liked the idea, but with the price of cranberries, not to mention I don't like the idea of wasting food, it never happened.

But, I was doing something at the kitchen sink not long ago and I spotted a bowl of rose hips my little brother had gathered for me when I was trying to dose up on vitamin C. They had dried into the most beautiful jewel red color and it hit me; gather rose hips froum the mountainside and string them for the Christmas tree!

These could go very rustic country, but they dress up nicely with our ornaments for a perfect fit to our elegant country style of decor.

And I must say, thanks to help from two of my little sisters, we got them all strung. Thank you girls, don't they look pretty?

1 comment:

CountryGirl said...

I love those pictures, TW, the Rose Hips are a perfect touch.