Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

It is going to be a white walk today. The winter weather has finally arrived and we have a few inches of snow.

Apparently, Miss Ish really likes snow. She is refusing to go inside and prefers romping in the cold, white fluff. She reminds me of a child.

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TW said...

Several inches of snow and more softly falling. "Kyna" again accompanied me and we went all the way to the gate and then a little past because she wanted to take pictures. The falling snow clung to our hats, coats, scarves and Miss Ish.

When we returned home it was dusk and the lights leading up the winding path to the cabin were reflecting in the snow, light was shining forth from the barn and the goats stood in the doorway peeking their heads out into the cold. Coming back down from the shed with our Christmas boxes, we caught a quick glimps inside our lighted windows to see a picture come to life. Perfect returns.