Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

I think I really would like to start decorating for Christmas. You shouldn't decorate too early, but it's not too early anymore. I want to start feeling the season; the smell of greenery, tiny lights that make you think dreamy thoughts on a quiet evening, baking, Christmas carols. I'm ready to savor the season.

Which means I ought to do some more cleaning today. Which means I had better go draw up a task list. Which means I need to get myself a nice hot cup of tea.

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TW said...

I ran into town with my "little" brother and sister. It wasn't exactly on my agenda, but they asked if I wanted to go along. The three of us are very close and my brother just moved here, so after my initial, "where are you going?" which made my brother laugh at me, (Translated: Is it really worth my while to go?) I thought, goodness, just spend a little time with your siblings. My task list wasn't too bad anyway, so I went with them. We didn't get home till after dark so Kyna and I ran through a few dances in the living room.