Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30th

Christmas Cookies Challenge

I'm surprising myself, but you know, I think I'm ready to put away all the Christmas decorations and start the new year. Usually I feel like dragging my feet when it comes to putting the decor away, it's so pretty and makes the house so cheerful, but this time I'm feeling a need to refocus and get rolling again.

What's up with this, bah, humbug?

(Maybe I should eat some more Christmas goodies.)


CountryGirl said...

I like that idea! :D

TW said...

We went late today and just to the end of the road. Which was interesting, I'm glad my pregnant sister-in-law decided to stay home. The temperature has dipped again and we went very carefully up the last steep part, not slipping too much on the almost solid sheet of ice. On the way back down I decided not to risk it and cut off into some snow through the woods and then back to the road on the flat part just about as the ice ended. I know, where is my sense of adventure? You see, didn't want to slip and hurt my feelings. :)