Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3rd

Christmas Cookie Challenge

My grandmother left yesterday to return home. She has to make shortbread for a ladies tea my aunt is putting on for her church. Real shortbread, that is. They had shortbread last year, but my grandmother asked my aunt, "where's the shortbread?" When it was pointed out to her she replied, "that's not shortbread." Well, my aunt said, "it's not the recipe you taught me." And my grandmother simply said, "It's not shortbread."

I really ought to share the recipe for real shortbread with you one of these days. I love the old English cookbook it came out of, with faded cover, worn pages, the love of many recipes.


TW said...

The crispness is back in the air. My mother and two of my sisters walked with me a "short" way up the hill. In other words we didn't go all the way to the gate at the top. I'm happy to say that it actually seemed short - last year it would have been a very good work out for me.

Fogwood214 said...

The little guy and I walked about a mile on Wednesday. S was in town, so I took Max with me instead (so I named the XD...seemed fitting. Have you seen Get Smart? Some not-so-great scenes involving skimpy clothing, but highly enjoyable otherwise. The boys really like it for the American Spirit it exudes).

Anyway. Good workout. Legs hurt.