Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

December 24th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

Looking at my task list, which includes quite a bit of baking, it is in competition with Santa's Christmas list! It's actually not going too badly, but I'll hold judgement on my diligence till later. I sometimes find that I start really well, but get lacks with confidence and then, Oh well!

I'm off then to give all due diligence to my work!

Happy Christmas Eve!


CountryGirl said...

Happy Christmas Eve, TW! It's hard to believe the day has come again so soon, even though the year seems like it has been very long indeed!

TW said...

I got my walk in the day! The clock was mintes away from ten, but I walked! It wasn't supposed to be that late, I thought it would be fun to go after dark, but that wasn't exactly the time I was planning. It was kind'a fun though.