Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

We have yet more snow falling - it is wonderful! I've thought ever since we moved here that I would like to look across the valley and just see a blanket of rolling white, dotted here and there with the farms. And it actually is covered in snow! I don't know if that happens very often.

My neck does feel much better today, and I think I would like to go for a walk, if someone else will walk Miss Ish. I think that would be too much under the circumstances.

Well, I have great plans for the day, but days have a way of having great plans for themselves. We shall see what happens.

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TW said...

It got dark before I decided I had better go walking, so "Kyna" and I walked around the circle quite a few times in the dark. Though it wasn't so dark with all the snow and it was quite pretty.