Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd

Christmas Cookie Challenge

It is one of my brothers birthday's today! A very reasonably excuse for cake, even though he isn't currently living in the area. We can think of him, can't we?

As darkness fades, the rain is pitter pattering on the roof. Unless it clears up a little, it might be a dance with the sisters day.


TW said...

I went walking with one of my sisters and a friend from town.
The day turned out to be a little rainy, but mild enough I just donned my light rain coat and was quite warm enough. My youngest brother was along and we walked down to the neighbors driveway where my second youngest brother was working and left them to walk back together. Only, they passed us on the way home on a four wheeler. Little Brother thought he had quite got the better end of that deal!

It was a wonderful walk; good conversation, light mist rolling into the trees. I do love a soft, rainy day.

Fogwood214 said...

Yesterday S and I walked about 3/4 mile. The day before we tried going down the long driveway that runs at the back of the property, but it proved a little too rocky for the stroller. Little K liked the bumps well enough, but I was afraid he'd come popping right out of the restraint! Thusly, we stuck to the little road, which proved to be much smoother traveling.

TW said...

Sorry, it was actually two of my sisters! Sooo sorry, m'dear.