Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22nd

Christmas Cookie Challenge

The Joyful Morn is Breaking

The joyful morn is breaking, the brightest morn on earth,Through all creation waking the joy of Jesus’ birth.His star above is glistening, where Jesus cradled lies,And all the earth is listening, the carol of the skies.

High strains of praise are swelling, from angel hosts on high,And one soft voice is telling glad tidings from the sky;Tidings of free salvation, of peace on earth below,Through every land and nation, the bless├Ęd word shall go.

His children’s songs shall name Him in many a tongue today;His Church shall yet proclaim Him to people far away;Till idols fall before Him, till strife and wrong shall cease,Till all the earth adore Him, th’eternal Prince of Peace.

Lyrics from CyberHymnal.

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TW said...

I woke up with a stiff neck, which made for a full day of errands in town at best awkward, at worst, rather painful. Anyway, I figured we would be getting back late and I didn't think dancing was going to agree with my sore neck so I wanted to walk across from Costco to the strip mall and do a little bit of shopping at one end and then walk to the other end and to meet the girls were they would be doing some shopping. Mother nixed that plan. She thought I was over doing, but she did let me walk from one end to the other once we got over there. Anyway,I did get a wee bit of a walk and we did do a fair bit of walking in the stores, so I think all in all, considering, I did all right.