Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

I slept in this morning, and though I consequently accomplished almost nothing today, I'm not sorry I did. I actually awoke before my alarm clock went off and I had a slightly sore throat. After debating it for a little bit, I decided I wouldn't get up early after all and got up and turned the alarm on the clock off and went back to bed. It worked - I was fine when I finally got out of bed. Except, I always have trouble waking up when I sleep late. I'm not sure if the sore throat was because we took family pictures in the cold, cold snow yesterday or because I'm fighting something.

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TW said...

It was just a wee walk today to the end of our short bit of road. My sister walked the dog because as I was chopping three cups of pecans yesterday for Baklava, I only had about three nuts left and instead of chopping one of them, I chopped my finger with the knife. Oops.

The timer for the Baklava just went off and I need to go pour the syrup over the hot pastry. My mother finished the nuts for me, but assembly got delayed until today.