Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

It is already the 6th and my mental "I want to have it done early in the month" is still woefully unaccomplished.

Today seems like a good day to have a nice hot beverage (I'm not sure what yet) and do some planning. And hopefully I can just tick a few things off the list as well, without procrastinating.

And, I have to fit that walk in somewhere. Maybe a nice long one all the way to the gate to really invigorate me.

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TW said...

I did it! Made it all the way to the gate at the top of the hill! That last stretch through the woods, down a rutted grass lane at dusk, was especially pretty. Miss Ish still very definately needs polishing on the "heel" command. Once we turned down our road, she was actually starting to do exactly what I wanted though.
I have yet to sit down with that hot drink and map out the month, but I did get some things done that have been on the list(s).