Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

Brrr. What a brisk morning! It is one of those times that even though I like getting up early, I miss the warmth of my snug bed. Hot water, hot tea and just grin and brrrr it.

My mother and I were in the kitchen yesterday when Twiglet turns and asks me, "Are parents expensive?" She gave me pause, of course she hadn't just asked that, but she had to have. My mind couldn't figure any other word for parents and I was certain about the other two words. Where was she going with this? I repeated the question back to her, "Are parents expensive?"

"No, are parrots expensive?"

Mum and I answered her first question with a laugh, "yes, very."


Fogwood214 said...

Another mile today. Baby loves his "walks." Whoo-hoo!

I had a parakeet for 6 years (had 2 for a short time). They are neat, but yes, expensive. Unfortunately birds like to bond with a Particular Individual, and my parakeet never really liked me. Wah.

TW said...

Never really liked you? Weird bird. :)

The girls and I went further up the hill today, but not quite to the gate.

It was cold here. The ground stayed frozen all through a sunny day. Bundled up I got very warm only a short way into the walk though.

I'm thinking that if you are expecting, pushing a stroller, or walking certain puppies; you ought to get extra credit for your miles. :)