Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

The girls stayed up very late last night talking. You can only imagine the subjects we encompassed, but let's just say it started out with bad habits. Apparently if you do something for twenty-eight days it becomes a habit. My question is this, if you don't do a bad habit for twenty-eight days, do you break it?


Fogwood214 said...

Interesting question, one I don't know the answer to in terms of bad habits. However, in playing piano it takes playing something 100 times for the muscles in your fingers to "memorize" it, and if you learn it incorrectly, it takes 100 times to unlearn the muscle memory, and ANOTHER 100 times to learn it CORRECTLY.

So it would make sense to me that if you can learn a bad habit in 28 days, it would take just as long to un-learn it. :-)

TW said...

Wow, you don't want to learn it wrong the first time!

The weather warmed up, but the wind arrived. Brrr! We still bundled up and headed up to the gate! I actually got quite warm once we were off the point and into the woods.