Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18th

Christmas Cookie Challenge

It has been a long time since I had coffee early in the morning, but I decided I just might need to the extra caffeine this morning. I'm not sure it worked. Well, at any rate, I have to make a pot of tea here soon for the family and I can have some of that. It probably won't wake me up any more, but I'll feel better about being tired.

And welcome to my brother and sister-in-law who just moved to the area! They really didn't have the best weather for their move, but they are here safely. In fact, the only real trouble they had might have been on our hill trying to get the trailer up in the snow! We get to have them here until they find a place in town.

I really think that even if they find a place before Christmas they better spend Christmas Eve up here because I have announced that we are opening gifts early this Christmas morning. We'll see what happens. Even though I had lots of support for my proclamation, most importantly from Father and Mother, old habits are hard to break. You know, I just thought of something, we haven't done it for twenty-eight Christmases, so we should be okay.

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TW said...

I asked my sisters if they were going to carry me, but they declined. It seemed to take a lot of effort to get up that hill. Partly because I was very bundled up and got very warm. This is one situation where "it's down hill from here" is a very good thing.

The wind has gone and were are getting more snow. I really ought to try and go sledding before it blows away this time!

My sister made cookies for tea. It was a recipe she was trying for Coconut Macaroons and they were very yummy!