Monday, March 28, 2011

We're Moving!

Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? Neither did we, and there is a bit of double meaning in my phraseology too.

Sooo, on Friday I wanted to post about my lovely day: together with good friends it started with a lovely walk along a river in the sunshine, with just enough coolness in the morning air to make it crisp, fresh; and then investigating a new coffee shop I've been wanting to try. Yummy. I had a red velvet cupcake with a cup of coffee. The cake was good, the frosting was delicious and there was plenty of it - and the presentation was chic. Afterwards it was time for a few errands with a sister and my nephew, then home to see the family from out of state over for the weekend along with tea and our usual episode of Doc. Then home for a quiet, unplanned evening, time on the computer, etc. And then.......

Mr. B.T. came down to look at a situation that had been developing and give his opinion to the investigation my oldest brother and parents were already doing, and after talking for a while, he headed home. The family at the Blue Castle was talking, investigating.

You know those pictures I posted of the steps in front of the door we built? Well, one side was about, give or take a couple inches, a foot higher. There were cracks in the ground, there was places the ground was starting to rise and bulge, the upper driveway had cracks across it that were beginning to widen. If you read up on it, these are indications of an impending mud slide.

After meeting and seeking the Lord with my two oldest brothers, Mr. B.T. was the emissary that was chosen to return and give us their counsel: Leave. Get immediate valuables and spend the night somewhere else. What? In a twenty-four hour period the damage was getting worse, and it was too much for comfort. The house might have been what was holding it, but how long would that last? Maybe yes, maybe no, but we aren't going to be taking chances.

Friday had been clear and no rain Saturday, so we returned to pack up as many valuables and breakables as we reasonably could, and kitchen stuff, and it is being stored in my brothers shed. Our friend D.C. that has spent so much time helping us with the Blue Castle returned to help us get things out. Somebody should get that guy a white charger with as often as he goes to peoples rescue!

There is still a lot of things in the house, but you can only do so much and so far it looks likes the hillside has stabilized. My brothers brought in an excavator and dug trenches to try and divert water and get the soil draining better. So far it looks like it is helping.

We are looking for somewhere else to live for several weeks or months, until the wet season is over and we can get in and make sure the hillside is completely stabilized. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It might be perfectly safe, but if it isn't? It is just wisdom to be cautious. Especially since we're very likely to be getting some more rain, and the snow is melting. It isn't a major problem as far as the mountain is concerned, just a potentially major problem as far as our house is concerned.


Mother was dog sitting for the neighbors and they have invited us to use it before, so we spent Friday and Saturday night there. King size beds are nice. Until you try to sleep* four adults in one. Yes, all four of the girls crammed into one bed on Friday night. *Sleep is a relative term, we got very little of it. I slept on the floor Saturday night on foam pads and that was much better, but still, new place, uncertain circumstances, we are all very tired. My poor brother and sister-in-law had a full house last night as we rolled out on the floor! What would we ever do without them?

It has been good in that we've been praying a lot, seeking the Lord, reading his word; in that the family has once again rallied, pulled together, and helped each other in a time of need. Spirits are pretty good, but as time goes on I expect it will be harder.

I had sympathy for the Japanese before, I wanted more, and I sure have it. I just kept praying that if the house went, no one would get hurt. My heart is with those who lost loved ones. We had time, and so far, nothing major has happened. Please continue to keep the Japanese in your prayers, I believe it will only get harder for them as time goes on, as they have to live with it, to start to rebuild.

And if you could keep us in your prayers too, we would really be grateful. Life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment and my parents especially need wisdom as they seek the Lord on what we should be doing next.

Life isn't dull,


(P.S. I didn't mention above that I'm supposed to be flying out tomorrow to be spend a while with my grandmother as my aunt is out of the country. I feel a little bad leaving everyone to deal with the situation, but God is in control and it will be one less person that needs a bed. :))

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Hannah Moss said...

Wow, you're right, didn't expect this! I'll be praying for your family!!