Saturday, March 19, 2011

Errands Outfit

So, I've been thinking about doing more fashion related posts. But, we'll see if that happens. Here however, is one. This isn't a height of fashion, cutting edge style outfit, this is more classic. Which tends to be my style anyhow.

Wide leg dark wash jeans (over leggings) - white cotton cowl neck sweater layered over a thin wool sweater (snow folks!) - and boots which you can't really see but are very slightly Western flavored English riding style. What you can't see but I love, is my argyle boot socks - in greys, black and red - smashing birthday gift, they.

The white sunglasses are more daring than I usually do, but they work with this outfit. And, they happen to be the only pair I have right now since I haven't replaced my classic neutral pair. :) I've shopped, but I'm not desperate enough yet and I have this "perfect pair" in mind.

Truth is, I feel I've been letting my wardrobe slip and I thought that maybe if I started posting I'd be motivated to be motivated! :) Hopefully I can also share some of my wardrobe philosophy and what has worked for me. It might be a little different from the mainstream, I don't go for quantity - in fact I need to par down. Hopefully I stick to this since the girls closet just isn't very big. Necessity is part of my reason for a smaller wardrobe!

We'll see what happens!


(Thanks to my sister, "Cinneadh" for the photography)

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Tricia Regar said...

Oh, you should post more pictures of fashion-type things...because I know it will be "fashion" that I opposed to, well, other people's view of fashion. *hides eyes behind pillow*