Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The start of my week....

We've been getting a lot of snow lately, and it is lovely. The problem is when the wind started.....

Snow, snow, beautiful snow.

Now, here is the clincher: Beautiful, yes, but it drifted into very deep (4 feet plus in some areas) across our driveway. That was too deep for the Grater that usually keeps the roads clear, so Monday morning we went outside and started shoveling....

Monday night, we started trying to figure the distance we had to cover and our estimation was about 1/8 of a mile. That is a lot of snow, folks.

We were about halfway through the job Monday night, and we stopped when it got dark and the newly falling snow started to soak through our clothes and chill us.....I had to be careful when trying to stand, it took me a few careful movements to get into the upright position. I was sore, ladies and gentlemen, very sore. I think everybody who had been shoveling was. At least they should have been.


The general consensus was that another foot of snow had fallen, despite the prediction of only 3-4 inches. And so we tromped up there and began shoveling again, this time a deeper drift. My body ached in all new places. I should say everybody's bodies ached in all new places. On Tuesday we were all out there. Both my siblings that usually have to go off the mountain to get to work couldn't, so they helped us shovel.


This is behind the shovelers (I don't believe that is actually a word)in the first picture, looking across the drift at the people shoveling on the other end....we had our own "railway race."

Deep. Is she contemplating her fate?

We had almost finished. A part of me wanted to finish the last little bit by hand. We had come so far, but I was still praying that the bulldozer they had brought in from town would hurry and come...I just wasn't sure how much longer I was really going to last. Wanted to last.

The Calvary!

Sometimes machines are a beautiful thing.

Where were you Monday? Not really, I'm glad you showed up when you did. I'm grateful for all the exercise - and sure glad that job is done.

The neighbor driving the Grater actually had the gall to tell us, "okay kids, you can stop playing in the snow now, there is a bulldozer on the way."*

Oh, hah.

(*Hi, this is my conciense, and I'm not sure if that is the exact, 100%, correct, precise words. Thank you.)


Hannah said...

Very funny or at least your telling of it is funny. Oh and dear, it's "grader" not "grater" unless you're talking about cheese but I didn't see....oh, nevermind!
Love you, sis! :-)

TW said...

Thank you for the spelling correction. Hmmm, it should be "grater" because just like you're shaving off cheese, it does the same thing with snow,dirt, etc. :)

Hannah Moss said...

WOW!! I didn't realize you all had that much snow!! Today it was in the 60s and 70s... *sticks up nose* ;-P No kidding a work out, though!

And, TW, I agree with you that a "grader" should be spelled "grater" because of its similar use to a "grater..." :)