Monday, September 27, 2010

The Remodel Part XI

The one room that was at one time in its life was finished, before Plan B or C, or whatever plan it was came into effect and the floor was ripped out. It was then no longer finished. But it had a better future before it.

Inside of the walls was simply ghastly. Did I mention the mouse skeleton I found while trying to sheetrock in there? No? You know about it now, and you can be grateful I'm not posting a close-up picture of the assorted bug carcasses and etcetera things that were literally infesting the wall. In a word, dreadful. All that had to come out - and those plain Jane windows. Where did the expression "plain Jane" come from I wonder? Poor Jane, no matter if she wasn't a raving beauty, one hardly likes to be called plain. I should write a story about a raving beauty and call her Jane. I like to see justice in the world. And being off topic, I'm moving on....

All "etcetera infested" material removed, and "simple" windows replaced. A step in the right di-rection that.

Resided and Tyveked.

Making progress, but still, something is much to be desired here.

My brother had salvaged quite a few old barn boards and in an effort to use what we had, they started installing them as a wainscoting in the master bedroom. The walls, you see, a mixture of old construction and remodeling, have a lot of jutting surfaces. Rather than fighting it, they chose to make it into architectural interest.

Coming along quite nicely now, even without the window trim and top rail.
It was going to be white washed, but then mother fell in love with the weathered wood and the red. So natural it stays. For now.