Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A baby shower for my sister....

This is the sister that got married last fall, and not only does she love green, but she likes things more country. I'd originally thought about doing a retro, Radio Flyer themed shower, but especially after Roy was born, it just didn't fit. So Plan B, which I fell in love with, A Whimsical Woods theme.

Seeing as he's still a baby, and this was a shower, I wanted to bring in the hunting theme in a subtle light hearted way.

I used burlap coffee sacks for the tablecloth, then scattered branches, bits of wood, pine cones, bark pieces, etc. On the tiered tray are melon ball caterpillars and sandwich pinwheels. (The plan to make them into snails didn't work out in the end.)

Butterfly tea sandwiches!

The delicious scones!

The cake!

The beverage table - you can't see it well in the picture, but we served the punch in quilted canning jars placed on leaves.

And these were my favorite thing about the shower - hedgehog cookies! Too cute, easy to make and yummy. I saw them in a magazine several years ago and jumped on this opportunity to use them. I substituted toasted and ground sunflower seeds for the pecans and a pinch of cocoa for color, but if I'd had pecans I would have used them. Though the seeds worked well, I think they made the dough pretty dry.

Baby pictures for a game hanging from a ribbon.

The mini woods scene had the deer used as a cake topper at the wedding.

Another picture of the cake with Momma hedgehog and babies
And the meringue mushrooms (by Culinary Wending!)

I pulled all this together with the help of Roy's numerous aunts on both sides! Couldn't have done it without them and they were very gracious with my less than perfect planning!


Hannah said...

Wow, this is intense! It looks like it was a lot of work, but everything is really neat!

TW said...

It was a bit of work - but we all pitched in and did it together.

And, I must confess, I love doing things like this, so it was fun work! :)